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dNN is the world’s leading 24-hour digital health news network.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to publish news and health information that empowers you to live life to the fullest.

We Stand for Healthy Lives

Our team of medical professionals and health ambassadors work around the clock to deliver the latest health news straight to you. We believe that groundbreaking research and FDA updates should reach the public in seconds, not days.

How We Do It

All dNN content is carefully reviewed by doctors, pharmacists and other medical professionals, written in an understandable language for the average reader, and features integrated video segments.

dNN’s content is syndicated across mobile apps, websites, digital TV channels, patient portals, social media channels, and leading news aggregators, such as Google News, Yahoo, and Huffington Post.

Why dailyRx?

dNN is a patient and provider focused network, publishing information that you can trust when it comes to managing your health.

"Millions of patients visit dailyRx.com every month to find health information that informs and engages them. dNN is a marriage between innovative technology and a new kind of newsroom," says Sean Brindley, dNN's President.

"Our strategy is to leverage digital publishing platforms making it easier for journalists to deliver meaningful health news. We believe dNN's information rises above the noise and confusion," said Brindley. "dNN merges digital journalism with the great reporting. Though we're a digital media company, we believe adhering to the fundamentals of journalism will deliver measurable value to both consumers and patients alike."

Last Updated: June 30, 2014