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Just Get Moving for Better Health

Keep on moving — or start, if you haven't already. Even a little exercise may keep your blood pressure and blood sugar at normal levels.

Teen Substance Abuse Rates Dropped

Parents may breathe a little easier — fewer teens may be lighting up, getting high and binge drinking.

Toss Out Your Caramel Apples

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is taking action after a common holiday treat sickened several people in the US.

FDA Approves New Combo Treatment for Hep C

In recent years, people with hepatitis C have gained several new treatment options. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has added another option to the list.

Experts Weigh in on How to Keep the Pounds Off

In weight loss, the real challenge may come not from shedding the pounds, but from keeping them off. New suggestions from a panel of experts could help people who have lost weight keep the pounds off.

Bath Salts and Beyond: Poison Centers Save Lives

From bath salts to laundry pods, many items can pose poisoning risks. Calls to poison control centers around the US have not only saved many people's lives, they've also identified new trends in toxic substance exposure.

E-Cigs May Zap Addiction

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, may return a bit of independence to tobacco smokers who make the switch.

Newer, Safer Cars May Save Teen Lives

You don't have to spring for the sports car, but you may want to invest in something modern to keep your teen safe on the road.

Just a Drop May Slow Vision Loss

Glaucoma patients face the threat of vision loss. Fortunately, a common eye drop prescription for glaucoma may reduce that threat.

Something in the Air: Autism Risk May Be Tied to Pollution

Researchers may be one step closer to understanding what causes autism. The possible cause? Air pollution.