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Why Smokers Might Need to Watch Their Hearing

Smokers, if you need another reason to quit, here’s one that might surprise you: Quitting might save your hearing.

Chemo Before Surgery May Benefit Ovarian Cancer Patients

It's not always one or the other when it comes to cancer treatment options like chemotherapy and surgery. And which comes first may make a difference.

For Older Women, Healthy Habits Pay Off

For older adults, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine can be important. For muscle mass loss, it may be crucial.

Why Some PAD Patients Should Take a Walk

Got peripheral artery disease (PAD)? A simple, at-home activity may help you get your mobility back.

There's No Place Like Home — To Grow Old

For those in midlife, lifestyle choices made now may have a major impact on living long and staying independent later in life.

Double the Tobacco, Double the Risk

Faced with a booming tobacco industry and its long lineup of tobacco products to choose from, some tobacco users may think about choosing more than one — but they may need to think twice.

Metabolic Syndrome Rate Stabilizing

A cluster of health problems — collectively known as metabolic syndrome — puts many at possible risk for heart disease and stroke. The good news? Rates for this condition appear to be stabilizing in the US.

How Depression and Parkinson's Might Be Linked

Depression is a complex illness with many possible causes and many treatments. And it may increase the risk of another serious health condition.

Common Syndrome May Boost Heart Risk

When the symptoms of metabolic syndrome combine, they can lead to heart disease or even death. But those with diabetes and high blood pressure may face the highest risk.

Baby's Gender May Bump up Mom's Diabetes Risk

Expecting moms face a list of possible health concerns, including the risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy. But for those having baby boys, the odds may be even higher.