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Blood Pressure After Heart Problems: New Treatment Guidelines

Keeping blood pressure in check is important for avoiding a heart attack — especially if you've already survived one. New guidelines could help doctors and patients keep blood pressure on track after heart problems.

How Pesticides Might Affect Men's Sexual Health

Mom's advice to eat plenty of veggies still rings true, but men might want to do so with some caution. High-pesticide fruits and vegetables might damage men's sexual health.

How to Talk with Your Doctor About Statins

Heads or tails? Chocolate or vanilla? Life is full of decisions — even for doctors. A good discussion allows patients to share in the decision-making process for their health care.

Stay Active to Breathe Easier

It's easy to imagine how a breathing condition could interrupt life, but could it even disrupt the ability to hold a job? New evidence suggests that it could, but it also suggests that staying active could help.

Stiffness No Obstacle to Shoulder Surgery

When dealing with torn shoulder tendons, surgery may be the best option to lessen pain and improve function. Although doctors must consider several factors before recommending surgery, relieving shoulder stiffness can be part of the solution rather than the problem.

Need Surgery? Check out the Minimally Invasive Version

A few small incisions or one big one — that's the main difference between laparoscopic surgery and routine surgical procedures. And it could help patients save on health care costs.

One ACL Injury Might Mean More Down the Road

Injuries are a potential risk athletic kids face. Concussions may be getting a lot of press lately, but injuries to the knee may be just as important.

An Injury Curveball for Young Pitchers

The love of America's pastime might lead many young players to play as often and as hard as they can, sometimes for multiple teams. However, that might increase these players' risk of getting hurt.

How Pollution Could Affect Your Baby's Development

Pollution exposure is a well-known factor in breathing problems in children, but new evidence suggests it may also contribute to other health issues.

Post-Op Knee Surgery: Should You Stay or Go?

Having to spend more time in a hospital after surgery can be an extra burden — both emotionally and financially. Some patients might do just as well recovering at home.