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Foodborne Illness Still a Problem in the US

You expect food to nourish you, not to make you ill. But foodborne illness remains a problem in the US, as a new study has shown.

Benzodiazepines and COPD May Be a Bad Combination

COPD causes difficult breathing, which can lead to anxiety and insomnia. A new study says a common type of medication used to ease these symptoms may not be the best option for those with COPD.

Inflammation Connected to Prostate Cancer

Inflamed tissue seems to play a crucial role in prostate cancer. The presence of inflamed tissue may suggest cancer, even when screening blood tests are not elevated and causing concern.

The Wide Path of a Sneeze

Germ-filled drops of liquid blow everywhere when a sneeze or cough isn't covered. Just how far those drops can blow was not known until now.

High Altitude Tied to Low Obesity

Breathing the fresh mountain air might not just be good for the psyche; that altitude may also be good for the waistline.

Curbing Serious Diabetes-Related Sickness

From stroke to lost limbs, diabetes can create a series of other sicknesses. The medical community has been focused on curbing rates of serious health problems that are linked to diabetes.

Creative De-Stressing From Work Rigors

What employees do on the job and away from it has its effects. Leisure activities that help workers detach from work for a while may affect their job performance and outlook.

No Surgery Required for Children's Appendicitis

Untreated appendicitis can have serious consequences. But surgery may not be the only option for children with appendicitis.

High Blood Pressure Can Seriously Affect Pregnancy

High blood pressure during pregnancy puts pressure on both the baby and the mom. At the moment, there has yet to be a consistent strategy for prenatal care in women with high blood pressure.

African Ebola Outbreak Continues

Health officials around the world have been watching an outbreak of Ebola in West Africa as reports of infections continue.