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Growth Hormone May Protect Bones

Women who want to give their bones a break may now have another tool in the toolbox.

New Diabetes Combo Rx Gets Go-Ahead

The FDA approval of a new combination medication should soon bring type 2 diabetes patients a new treatment option.

Second Approval in New Cholesterol Rx Class

Following the recent approval of a first-in-its-class cholesterol medication, a second treatment in this class received the green light from the FDA.

Omega-3 Supplements May Not Be Cutting It

Omega-3 pills are among the most popular dietary supplements in the US. But these pills may not be living up to their claims.

A Heart Rx That Could Help Cancer Patients

Beta blockers are a class of heart medications that treat high blood pressure. But for some patients, they may have other lifesaving benefits.

New Help for Kids with Rare Blood Disorder

Children with a rare blood disorder may soon get new help in the form of a pill.

Fertility Concerns for Breast Cancer Rx

Young breast cancer patients commonly have fertility concerns, and those concerns may affect their decisions about treatment.

In Early Tests, Blood, Bone Marrow Rx Sparked Hope

Early testing of a medication for blood cancers and bone marrow disorders yielded promising results. Now, researchers are looking to the future.

'Smart Pill' May Enhance Thinking

Pop a pill to boost your brainpower — it’s been a theory for a while but may now be closer to reality.

Popular Diabetes Rx May Have New Destination in the Body

A new form of a popular medication might change the game for some patients with type 2 diabetes.