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Common Meds May Trip Up Older Men

Falls can be a huge concern for older adults, and this may be especially true for older men who take these common medications.

The Most Common Disability in the US

From vision to mental health to mobility, there are many types of disability. But how many people in the US face them?

On Your Feet for Heart Health

Will all the office couch potatoes please stand up? Your heart may thank you for it.

Why Teen Girls Need to Exercise

If you needed another reason to get your teen daughter to drop the phone and get off the couch, here it is.

Please Don’t Pass the Salt

Salt and high blood pressure may go together like ham and eggs.

Glue Ear: Resolving the Sticky Problem

For parents and children alike, hearing problems can be troubling. However, a simple, nonsurgical procedure could help treat one common ear condition.

Knee Pain? This Common Surgery May Be No Help

A common knee surgery to relieve pain may not be worth the risks for middle-aged and older patients.

'Low T' and Blood Clots: A Possible Change in Thinking

Some men with low testosterone might be tempted to hold off on treatment due to concerns about raised health risks. But for one common concern, those raised risks might not exist.

New Rx Treats Common Skin Cancer Type

A newly approved drug may fight one of the most common types of skin cancer.

First-in-Class Cholesterol Rx Approved

A first-in-its-class injectable cholesterol medication just received the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) seal of approval.