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When Heartburn Gets Serious

It may be easy to pop a pill for heartburn for the convenience of not having to stop eating spicy and acidic foods, but this convenience may come at the price of good health.

Antacids May Extend Some Cancer Patients' Lives

Antacids may help with more than just heartburn. They could help some cancer patients live longer.

Getting the Right Rx Dose to Treat GERD

Treating gastric reflux with over-the-counter (OTC) medication might not bring relief, even though the medications might be similar to the prescription brands.

Treatment Lowered Cancer Risk of Barrett’s Esophagus

Barrett's esophagus is more than a bad case of indigestion. In fact, it can even lead to cancer. But a new study shows a promising treatment that may greatly reduce that risk.

Surgery Might Not Mean End of Acid Reflux

Anti-reflux surgery should relieve symptoms and break dependence on medication, right?

Weight-Loss Surgeries Not Created Equal for Heartburn Patients

Surgery to help with weight loss is becoming more common and more varied, but these surgeries might not help with every weight-related issue, a new study says.

Acid Reducing Meds Linked to Low Vitamin B12 Levels

It's relatively common for older folks to have low levels of vitamin B12. According to a new study, certain medications may contribute to these low vitamin levels.

Avoiding Cancer with Barrett's Esophagus

Barrett's esophagus occurs when cells of the esophagus change over time to resemble cells of the intestine, and the condition can put patients at risk of cancer. Researchers have found that one type of medication may lower this risk.

Handling Heartburn During the Holidays

During the holidays, there's plenty to consider, especially when it comes to planning meals and get-togethers. With all those meals, another major concern for some might be how to avoid heartburn.

Lung Disease Affects More Than Lungs

Lung disease often leads to difficulty breathing, congested airways and inflammation of lung tissue. Recent research suggests it might affect other parts of the body as well.