Acid Reflux Health Center

Living with acid reflux can be uncomfortable and painful. Getting into the habit of avoiding certain foods can help ease the discomfort and provide relief. Try eating out less frequently, as it can be hard to monitor what is put in your food if you do not make it yourself. See if avoiding fatty, spicy and acidic foods, as well as alcohol, improves your symptoms. If you smoke, quitting may provide substantial relief against acid reflux.

Speaking with a doctor or health care professional can help greatly in the management of acid reflux. Your doctor can provide medications and advice to suit your particular situation. As acid reflux differs from person to person, talk to your doctor about all treatment options available and work together to come up with a unique treatment plan tailored to you.

If you are overweight, consider small lifestyle changes to lose weight and get into shape. Being obese heightens your chances of acid reflux, and if you already have the condition, it does little to help you overcome it.

Review Date: 
August 2, 2012
Last Updated:
August 6, 2014