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Peer Group Could Influence Medication Abuse Patterns

Prescription medicine misuse continues to be a problem in the United States, and researchers recently wanted to find out why.

Doctor Shopping Was Common After Bone Surgery

After orthopedic surgery, many patients return to their doctor asking for more pain medication. But many find other doctors in addition to their own who will prescribe them more narcotics.

Robin Williams Dead at 63

Oscar-winning actor and comic Robin Williams died at his home in Northern California August 11.

Many Cancer Survivors Still Smoked

Smoking cigarettes is a proven cause of cancer and other medical conditions. But some people may continue to use tobacco even after they have had cancer.

Knowledge Gaps Found in E-Cig Safety

Electronic cigarettes are booming in popularity and sometimes touted as a helpful tool for quitting smoking. But, because they are relatively new, there is limited knowledge about their health effects.

Not All Health Care Providers Told Patients to Quit Smoking

A professional's advice — even if it's about something widely known — can carry a lot of weight. But some professionals may be missing chances to advise patients to quit smoking.

Major Review Shows E-Cigs Likely Less Harmful Than Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are a newer nicotine product, and the medical community is working to understand their effect on users’ health.

Alcohol Abuse Linked to Memory Loss

Alcohol has established medical links to liver damage, heart trouble and other conditions. But it could also eventually play a part in memory loss.

Painful Childhoods May Prompt Some to Enlist

For kids who grow up in hostile homes, adverse experiences are common. And for some people, joining the armed forces may be an attempt to leave a negative home life behind.

Weaning Newborns With a Plan

When babies are born to mothers who used opiates, they may experience symptoms of withdrawal which require treatment.