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Why Smokers Might Need to Watch Their Hearing

Smokers, if you need another reason to quit, here’s one that might surprise you: Quitting might save your hearing.

There's No Place Like Home — To Grow Old

For those in midlife, lifestyle choices made now may have a major impact on living long and staying independent later in life.

Double the Tobacco, Double the Risk

Faced with a booming tobacco industry and its long lineup of tobacco products to choose from, some tobacco users may think about choosing more than one — but they may need to think twice.

E-Cigs May Not Help in Long Term

It's a blooming, billion-dollar industry offering to help you kick the habit — but some health experts have warned against electronic cigarettes due to a lack of evidence. Now they may have backup for their claims.

Having Surgery? Quit Smoking

Ditching those cigarettes may help more than just your lungs.

Drop the Cigarette after Angioplasty

Looking to boost the benefits of your angioplasty? Quitting smoking might help.

Weekend-Only Drug Use: Still Cause for Concern

When it comes to habit-forming illegal drugs, weekend-only users may not limit their use to weekends for long.

How Drunk Driving Could Affect the Economy

Sober driving saves lives, and it may also save money — a lot of money.

Got Diabetes? Quit Smoking, but Take Care

If you smoke, quit! If you're a smoker who has diabetes, however, you may need to more closely monitor your blood sugar after you quit.

Alcohol Use: A Local Problem

Excessive alcohol use is a public health issue. To make a difference — especially for problems like binge drinking — it’s helpful to identify where and how big the problem is.