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What is Alcoholism?
Sure, you enjoy the occasional beer--or maybe you like to let loose once in a while. But does your drinking mean you have alcoholism and just how many drinks does it take to make an alcoholic? This video explores the realities of alcohol abuse.
International Highs & Lows
We're definitely not suggesting you use any illegal drugs, but if you are going to party while abroad, you need to know that both drugs, and drug laws, can be very different from those in the US.
The Dangers of Bath Salts
Bath salts claim to be no more than scented Epsom salts, but that's not at all what it is. See what this designer stimulant is actually composed of and how dangerous the associated high can be.
Understanding Salvia
Indulging in salvia, a hallucinogenic herb, can produce an intense high. But that high and its side effects can actually be pretty dangerous. Watch this to learn more.
The Truth About Synthetic Marijuana
Just because synthetic marijuana is technically legal, doesn't mean it's safe. See what this designer drug is actually composed of and how dangerous the associated high can be.
Smiles (Synthetic Street Drug)
Sure, it sounds harmless but there's more behind the synthetic street drug that is known as Smiles. Find out all the facts about Smiles by watching this video.
Ask the Psychologist: Angry Drinking
You could be a perfectly cheerful person when sober, but when you drink, you become The Hulk. Why? How do you stop it? Dr. Gardere has the answers.
Heart Disease & Smoking
In the United States, about 20 percent of deaths from heart disease are directly related to cigarette smoking. Watch this to find out why.
Alcohol and Depression - a Dangerous Duo
That vodka cranberry seems like the perfect antidote to your depression, but drinking it would not be the wisest decision. Find out why.
The Real Cost of Smoking
If lung cancer isn't enough reason to stop smoking, then watch this video to see what it really costs you to smoke cigarettes. Smokers not only risk their health - they pay a lot of money for the privilege of doing so.