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Bypass Surgery and Booze May Not Mix

Women who have undergone gastric bypass surgery may want to be careful with that glass of celebratory champagne.

5 Lifestyle Factors Linked to Less Heart Failure

Your day-to-day activities just may halve your risk for heart failure.

The US Boozing Habit

Many people enjoy a drink on occasion to unwind or celebrate, but drinking to excess regularly may be a sign to seek help for an alcohol disorder.

How Drunk Driving Could Affect the Economy

Sober driving saves lives, and it may also save money — a lot of money.

Alcohol Use: A Local Problem

Excessive alcohol use is a public health issue. To make a difference — especially for problems like binge drinking — it’s helpful to identify where and how big the problem is.

Cirrhosis Survival Spiked

Good news for cirrhosis patients: Survival may be much more common than it once was.

The Power of the Silver Screen: Teens, Movies and Alcohol

Teens often imitate mom, dad and other adults. And it looks as though they may also imitate some of what they see in movies.

These Factors May Raise Your Back Pain Risk

Lower back pain can be irritating at best and debilitating at worse. For some, simple lifestyle changes may make a huge difference.

Seeing Drinking Through the Eyes of Social Media

Good times with friends sometimes involve a little drinking, but social media may be sending the wrong message about drinking too much.

Don't Overdo the Gameday Drinking

A once-in-a-lifetime play or winning touchdown during the Super Bowl is enough to make any fan celebrate. Many fans may channel that excitement into celebratory drinking, which can quickly get out of hand.