Alcohol AddictionInfo Center

What is Alcoholism?
Sure, you enjoy the occasional beer--or maybe you like to let loose once in a while. But does your drinking mean you have alcoholism and just how many drinks does it take to make an alcoholic? This video explores the realities of alcohol abuse.
Ask the Psychologist: Angry Drinking
You could be a perfectly cheerful person when sober, but when you drink, you become The Hulk. Why? How do you stop it? Dr. Gardere has the answers.
Alcohol and Depression - a Dangerous Duo
That vodka cranberry seems like the perfect antidote to your depression, but drinking it would not be the wisest decision. Find out why.
Drinking and Driving
Someone is killed by a drunk driver every 45 minutes. Does this make you MADD? Learn more about drunk driving, from what blood alcohol level really means to how drinking and driving can irreparably change your life.
Staging an Intervention
So, someone you care about is drinking too much and you want to have an intervention. While interventions can work, a person who abuses alcohol must be willing to stop drinking. Here are tips for convincing your friend that its time to quit drinking.
Seeking Support
If you or someone you care about is suffering from a drinking disorder, alcohol rehab--from Alcoholics Anonymous to Rational Recovery--can help with alcoholism. To learn more about how best to help an alcoholic, check out this video.
The End Result of Alcoholism
Many people are able to responsibly use alcohol. However, repeated alcohol abuse or a diagnosis of alcoholism can both lead to severe consequences. Here, we'll look at what addiction can mean to your body--from cirrhosis to cancer.
Teen Addiction: Prevent Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Teen drinking, smoking and drug abuse are all real worries for parents today. Knowing the signs of addiction can make it possible for parents to get their children into addiction treatment, like drug rehab. Here are tips for parents.
Treating Drug and Alcohol Addiction
Addiction treatment is a complex process and different for everyone. Withdrawal symptoms can make detox difficult, particularly when drugs or alcoholism are involved. Learn more about recovery programs and how they incorporate therapy and medication.
The Most Commonly Abused Drugs in America
One of the most common forms of addiction is to illegal drugs. From alcohol and cigarettes to prescription painkillers like oxycontin and vicodin, many an addictive drugs exists. Learn about the most common, including cocaine, heroin and LSD.