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Setting the Record Straight on ADHD Prevalence

Controversy swirls around whether ADHD is over- or underdiagnosed — bringing into question the real rate of ADHD. New evidence sheds light on the factors that may affect reported rates of ADHD.

A Surprising Possible Risk of ADHD

ADHD is known to be tied to difficulties in school and trouble focusing, but something much more serious might also be tied to the condition.

No Raised ADHD Risk from Labor Rx

In the quest to find the cause of ADHD, anything a child is exposed to can be on the list of suspects. New evidence may mark one potential cause off that list.

Rx May Keep Kids With ADHD Safe

A common medication for ADHD may keep kids out of the emergency room.

Air Pollution May Increase Risk of ADHD in Children

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons — usually shortened to PAH — are a component of air pollution. And new research suggests they may raise the risk of ADHD in children whose mothers are exposed to them.

ADHD Medicines May Not Stunt Growth

ADHD is often treated with stimulants, which some researchers and parents are concerned could limit children's growth. But new research may relieve those concerns.

ADHD Risk from Smoking in Pregnancy

It's pretty common knowledge that smoking isn't good for you, and smoking during pregnancy isn't good for either of you.

AAP Issues Statement on ADHD and Substance Abuse

Even though ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) can be treated with stimulant medications, those who have ADHD are at higher risk for substance abuse.

Rx for Children with ADHD May Cause Heart Issues

Children with ADHD may take medications to help them focus on schoolwork, improve impulsive behaviors, and better follow instructions from parents. However, one type of ADHD medication may have a small risk of potentially serious health issues.

Treating Toddlers with ADHD: Lacking Guidance

There are guidelines for treating children 4 years of age and older for ADHD, but no such guidelines exist for younger children. That lack of guidance hasn’t prevented the treatment of thousands of toddlers for ADHD.