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These Factors May Raise Your Back Pain Risk

Lower back pain can be irritating at best and debilitating at worse. For some, simple lifestyle changes may make a huge difference.

Back Pain and Testing: Getting the Whole Picture

Tests that let doctors look for clues inside the body may help solve medical conditions that cause back pain and other symptoms. However, balancing risks, benefits and costs for each procedure is the key to getting the best medical care.

Another Reason to Quit: Smoking and Back Pain

Of all the parts of the body smoking can damage, the back doesn't seem like it would be one of them. Many smokers with lower back arthritis, however, may beg to differ. Smokers with this condition may not respond as well to treatment as nonsmokers.

Treating Women’s Pain: Rose Oil, Yoga and Music

Women, when it comes to pain, don’t just grin and bear it. Plenty of treatments have been shown to work.

Spine Surgery or Not, Long-Term Outcome the Same

Thinking about going under the knife for spine problems? It's a tough decision that patients and doctors should discuss. In some cases, the surgery might not make much difference.

Back Pain Rx Had No Effect

When a medication doesn't work, it can be a real pain in the back — literally. A common medication for back pain may not be helpful to patients.

Mild Depression May Slow Spine Surgery Recovery

Spinal stenosis tends to affect patients as they grow older. Surgery can provide relief, but those with even slight depression may face difficulties recovering.

Insomnia Associated With Increased Back Pain

Insomnia doesn't just affect patients at night — they often feel tired and less focused during the day, too. But patients may also experience back pain as a result of their sleepless nights.

Weather and Back Pain Link May Be a Myth

Many have said they could feel a storm brewing through pain in their back. But is this sensation founded in science? A new study suggests the link between weather and pain may be nothing more than an old wives tale.

Steroid Injections Didn't Offer Further Relief From Back Pain

As people age, many changes take place in their body. For some, one of those changes might be spinal stenosis, which can potentially lead to pain in the back and legs.