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Back Pain Rx Had No Effect

When a medication doesn't work, it can be a real pain in the back — literally. A common medication for back pain may not be helpful to patients.

Mild Depression May Slow Spine Surgery Recovery

Spinal stenosis tends to affect patients as they grow older. Surgery can provide relief, but those with even slight depression may face difficulties recovering.

Insomnia Associated With Increased Back Pain

Insomnia doesn't just affect patients at night — they often feel tired and less focused during the day, too. But patients may also experience back pain as a result of their sleepless nights.

Weather and Back Pain Link May Be a Myth

Many have said they could feel a storm brewing through pain in their back. But is this sensation founded in science? A new study suggests the link between weather and pain may be nothing more than an old wives tale.

Steroid Injections Didn't Offer Further Relief From Back Pain

As people age, many changes take place in their body. For some, one of those changes might be spinal stenosis, which can potentially lead to pain in the back and legs.

Few Spine Surgeons Used Psych Screening Before Surgery

Mental health issues may play a role in disabling back pain that can require surgery, and experts recommend mental health screening before spinal surgery. But it seems some surgeons may have missed this recommendation.

Low Back Pain Causes Disability Around the World

Is that constant pain in your lower back affecting your day-to-day life? You aren't alone.

New Implant Eased Pain from Spinal Fractures

Spinal fractures can cause constant pain. In addition to pain pills, there may be other ways to ease the discomfort.

Patients Happy with Less Invasive Back Surgery

Back surgery might not have to be a major surgery for some patients. A different technique may produce good long-lasting results.

New Pain Rx Sparking Controversy

A new pain medication recently became a controversial topic. While some say the medication will offer a new option to people in pain, others are concerned about potential dangers.