Back PainInfo Center

Avoiding Stiff Joints
Your joints refuse to move in the morning. Find out what causes this bothersome stiffness and how to avoid it.
The Basics of Back Pain
More days are missed due to lower back pain than any other ailment! From sciatia of the spine to sports injuries, here's a look at what could be causing a 'bad back.'
Treating Back Pain
Your slouching posture in those uncomfortable office chairs may be the leading cause of back pain. If your spine is a victim of the chair sit, look no further for back pain relief than this video.
Preventing Back Pain
If you're desperate for back pain relief, you'll be happy to know that your spine can be saved without chiropractic interference! This video has tips to help ease chronic back pain, from shopping for a new mattress to simple stretches.
Lose Lower Back Pain
If your lower back has called out sick, we'll help you nurse it back to health.
Beat Upper Back Pain
Calling out sick isn't fun if you're actually sick. Here's how to avoid upper back pain so you can enjoy your personal days!
Ab Lounge or Situps?
Curious as to how to use that Ab Lounge without straining your neck and back? Watch this for a quick tip!