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What are signs of bulimia?

A person with bulimia may be thin, overweight, or have a normal weight. Also, bulimic behavior, such as throwing up, is often done in private because the person with bulimia feels shame or disgust. This makes it hard to know if someone has bulimia. But there are warning signs to look out for:

Someone with bulimia may use extreme measures to lose weight by:

  • Using diet pills, or taking pills to urinate or have a bowel movement
  • Going to the bathroom all the time after eating (to throw up)
  • Exercising a lot, even in bad weather or when hurt or tired

Someone with bulimia may show signs of throwing up, such as:

  • Swollen cheeks or jaw area
  • Calluses or scrapes on the knuckles (if using fingers to induce vomiting)
  • Teeth that look clear
  • Broken blood vessels in the eyes
Review Date: 
March 15, 2012
Last Updated:
August 22, 2014