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This Surprising Factor May Be Tied to Celiac Disease Risk

More money, more problems, as the saying goes. Could celiac disease be one of those problems?

Celiac Risk: It's Not About When Infants Start Eating Gluten

Bring on the bread. Eating gluten at a young age may not raise kids' risk of celiac disease.

Delaying Gluten Didn’t Delay Celiac Disease in At-Risk Infants

Infants who have a parent or sibling with celiac disease are considered to be at risk for developing the condition as well. Could timing the introduction of gluten into the diet of infants at risk for celiac disease prevent or delay their disease?

Mom's Celiac Disease Likely Won't Cause Problems for Baby

Having a chronic disease can complicate a pregnancy. A recent study looked at mothers-to-be with celiac disease to see if it raised the risk of pregnancy or birth complications.

When Wheat-Based Foods Sicken People

Food made from wheat and other gluten-containing flours may satisfy certain palates. But it sickens those who are allergic to gluten, a group whose numbers may be growing.

Celiac Disease Linked to IBS in Kids

Celiac disease is not common among children, but it may have been underdiagnosed until recent years. Knowing risk factors for it may help parents.

Good Cancer News for Celiac Patients

A gluten-free diet can control or eliminate the painful symptoms of celiac disease. Now, there is more good news for celiac disease patients, especially the ones who eat gluten-free.

Quinoa for a Gluten-Free Diet

Quinoa is a high-protein grain from South America that has become more popular in recent years. A recent study examined whether people who could not eat gluten could tolerate this grain.

How Do Celiac and Autism Intersect?

Research on autism spectrum disorders has uncovered more and more information each year. One area that has often been studied is the relationship between autism and digestive problems.

Gut Feeling About Cancer

In patients with celiac disease, the immune system attacks the patient's own body and causes damage to the lining of the gut. The disease has been linked to a higher risk of lymphoma, a type of blood cancer.