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Hormone Therapy Still Effective Option for Menopause

Hormones yes, hormones no — the recommendations for menopausal women have swung back and forth in the last 10 years.

Fracture Was Hard to Predict in Some Postmenopausal Women

Screening tools can help doctors predict which postmenopausal women may have a broken bone due to osteoporosis in the next few years. But those tools may not accurately predict fracture risk in younger postmenopausal women.

Experts Recommended Against Testosterone Therapy for Healthy Women

When a woman hits menopause, her hormone levels may change substantially. In some cases, menopausal women may need hormone therapy. Today, the Endocrine Society issued its clinical guidelines for androgen therapy in women.

Rx Lowered Risk of Early Menopause After Chemotherapy

Researchers are constantly looking for ways to ease the lasting side effects of chemotherapy, and they may have found help for younger breast cancer patients.

Two Options To Reduce Hot Flashes

Menopause can bring on some uncomfortable symptoms, including hot flashes. While hormone therapy is the gold standard of treatment for these symptoms, another medication may also bring relief to menopausal women.

PMS Didn't Predict Hot Flashes During Menopause

Since premenstrual symptoms often seem similar to menopausal symptoms, many women with premenstrual symptoms worry that they'll have an uncomfortable menopause, and particularly that they'll have hot flashes.

Early Menopause Could Hurt Your Heart

Women typically go through menopause in their early 50s. Hitting menopause before this age might carry some serious risks to the heart.

Cognitive Troubles in Women Who Had Premature Menopause

Many women who have already had children may be pleased when they stop menstruating for good. But for women who stop a decade before 50, such premature menopause may lead to problems later on.

After Menopause, Hormones May Lower Glaucoma Risk

Some women take hormone medications to help with menopausal symptoms. It's possible that these medications protect their eyesight as well.

Hormone Therapy After Menopause Upped Pancreatitis Risk

Many women use hormone replacement therapy to help with menopause symptoms. But the treatment does carry some increased risks for developing other medical conditions.