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This Rx Combo Might Protect Hearts After Menopause

Women have a higher risk of heart disease after menopause, but a combination therapy may reduce that risk.

Menopause Rx: The Heart of the Matter

The use of hormones during menopause was once thought to protect against heart disease, but that may not be the case.

This Menopause Symptom Could Signal Heart Disease

Hot flashes may be one of the best-known symptoms of menopause — and they may also signal a heart health risk.

Common Hormone Therapy Not Proven Safe for Menopausal Women

Women considering hormone therapy may need to speak to their doctors about the safety of their treatment options.

Hot Flash News Flash: Some Menopause Symptoms May Linger

Menopause is a natural part of aging — and so are menopause symptoms. New evidence suggests, however, that some of those symptoms may last longer than conventional wisdom would hold.

Hormone Therapy Still Effective Option for Menopause

Hormones yes, hormones no — the recommendations for menopausal women have swung back and forth in the last 10 years.

Fracture Was Hard to Predict in Some Postmenopausal Women

Screening tools can help doctors predict which postmenopausal women may have a broken bone due to osteoporosis in the next few years. But those tools may not accurately predict fracture risk in younger postmenopausal women.

Experts Recommended Against Testosterone Therapy for Healthy Women

When a woman hits menopause, her hormone levels may change substantially. In some cases, menopausal women may need hormone therapy. Today, the Endocrine Society issued its clinical guidelines for androgen therapy in women.

Rx Lowered Risk of Early Menopause After Chemotherapy

Researchers are constantly looking for ways to ease the lasting side effects of chemotherapy, and they may have found help for younger breast cancer patients.

Two Options To Reduce Hot Flashes

Menopause can bring on some uncomfortable symptoms, including hot flashes. While hormone therapy is the gold standard of treatment for these symptoms, another medication may also bring relief to menopausal women.