Menopause Health Center

Living with menopause may be troublesome, but it is something that cannot be avoided. Taking advantage of the opportunity to get healthy and actively taking charge of your symptom management may give you control over the condition. It is important to know your various options when considering treatment for symptoms of menopause. Ask your doctor if pharmaceutical avenues such as oral birth control and HRT would be good choices for you. Look into exercise options around your community that you may enjoy, as staying active is essential to fighting osteoporosis.

Quit smoking and begin learning how to incorporate high amounts of fiber and low-fat foods into your regular diet. Learning how to adapt your lifestyle is key to managing menopause. Do not force another person's preferences for symptom management onto yourself, as you may find it difficult to adapt in the long haul. Do what fits your individual lifestyle, as menopause affects every woman differently.

Even though each woman reacts in differently to the onset of menopause, all women need to understand that with menopause come risks that are out of their control. Take preventive measures and discuss the need for cancer screening, pelvic and breast exams and PAP tests with your doctor. Know your family’s medical history so that you know what to ask your doctor.

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August 2, 2012
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August 22, 2014