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How Pollution Could Affect Your Baby's Development

Pollution exposure is a well-known factor in breathing problems in children, but new evidence suggests it may also contribute to other health issues.

These Steps May Cut Diabetes Risk in New Moms

Between late-night feedings and diaper changes, new moms may not prioritize their own blood sugar levels. However, healthy choices and medications could prevent diabetes in those at risk for it.

Quit Smoking for Your Kids' Health

Almost any parent would like to help his or her children be healthier. For those parents or future parents who smoke, here's another reason to quit.

Thyroid Screening for At-Risk Women May Help Pregnancy

Decorate the baby's room, buy baby clothes, plan for the baby's future. Planning for pregnancy can be hectic, but many women may want to ask their doctor about one more thing: thyroid screening.

Pregnant or Planning? You May Want to Avoid This Rx

In many cases, pregnancy and opioids don't mix. Still, many women may be prescribed these medications.

Premature Babies Beating the Odds

Premature babies are beating the odds — more and more are going home from the hospital after they're born.

Get Help for Depression in Pregnancy

Depression can take all the fun out of being a new mother. Researchers are trying to find better ways to diagnose the problem early.

This Vitamin May Prevent Birth Defects

An ingredient in your breakfast cereal may be preventing birth defects all across the US.

Normal Weight Moms Had Healthier Babies

Being healthy doesn't just benefit you — it may benefit your child, too. Mothers-to-be who maintain a healthy weight may boost their child's health as well.

Tdap Vaccine Was Safe Overall for Mom and Fetus

Since 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has suggested that all pregnant women receive the Tdap vaccine, even if they were vaccinated earlier in life. And new research found that Tdap was safe for both mom and baby.