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What a Stillbirth Might Mean for Future Pregnancies

Stillbirth rates have declined in many developed countries, and that’s very good news. Unfortunately, one stillbirth may increase the chances of another one later on.

Pregnancy and Lupus: A Fairly Safe Combination?

Many women with lupus have been warned about the possible dangers of becoming pregnant and having the condition. But new evidence suggests that these risks might have been overestimated.

The Benefits of Prenatal Exercise

Pregnancy calls for kicking those swollen feet up and simply trying to relax, right? Maybe not. Moms-to-be might not need to be so fast to slow down.

Shedding Light on Miscarriage Misunderstandings

When it comes to miscarriage, many people may not have their facts straight. Increased awareness, however, could reduce the misunderstanding and guilt often tied to the issue.

A Weighty Matter for Those Wanting to Get Pregnant

Losing weight may need to be a priority for heavier women who are thinking about getting pregnant.

C-Sections Might Be Too Common

The C-section has become extremely common in the US, but new evidence suggests that this might be dangerous to women and babies in some cases.

Another Possible Factor in Autism Risk

Many factors during pregnancy can affect a baby's development. Among those factors may be gestational diabetes, which could affect your baby's neurological development.

New Down Syndrome Test: More Accurate, More Limited

A new test might improve the accuracy of Down syndrome diagnoses.

These Steps May Cut Diabetes Risk in New Moms

Between late-night feedings and diaper changes, new moms may not prioritize their own blood sugar levels. However, healthy choices and medications could prevent diabetes in those at risk for it.

Quit Smoking for Your Kids' Health

Almost any parent would like to help his or her children be healthier. For those parents or future parents who smoke, here's another reason to quit.