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Pregnancy, Parenting and Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis and pregnancy-- it's a confusing topic. But it is possible to have children with RA-- just ask Jennifer. Watch this video to learn about how her 2 pregnancies went and how her family helps her today.
HIV & Your Baby
If you're HIV positive and having a baby, there's good news. Watch this to see what it is.
Pregnant & Positive
You're HIV positive and pregnant. Watch this to see what you need to do to keep your and your baby healthy.
Rheumatoid Arthritis In Pregnancy
If your rheumatoid arthritis is acting up during pregnancy, you'll have to treat it differently than you did pre-pregnancy. Watch this to find out which medications are safe and which ones are not.
Pregnancy & Your Joints
Pregnancy impacts every part of your body, including all your joints. Watch this to find out why they're aching, and what you can do to relieve the pain safely.
Major Depression & Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a life-changing event, but it also means you may have to re-consider your depression treatment. Learn about the precautions.
Travel Tips for Expecting Moms
It's great that you and your baby bump are going on a big adventure, but you should know what destinations are safe during pregnancy.
Pregnancy Fitness
Whether you love working up a good sweat or avoid the gym like the plague, during pregnancy it's more important than ever to get moving!
Pregnancy: The Safe Workout
Ready to strap on your bowling shoes or your brand-new pregnancy bathing suit? Your baby-to-be will thank you for (safely) exercising.
Pregnancy: The Unsafe Workout
Now may not be the best time to get your scuba diving license. Here are the workouts that are too much work for your pregnant body.