Prenatal Care Health Center

Prenatal visits are all about maintaining the health of you and your baby. During your first prenatal visit, you can expect to be asked about your health history — including diseases, operations and prior pregnancies — and about your family's health history. You can also expect to participate in a complete physical examination that includes a pelvic exam and Pap test. Your doctor may ask for blood and urine samples in order to use in lab work. Your blood pressure, height and weight will be taken, and your due date will be calculated. 

A positive way to start off your prenatal care is to ask questions, get to know your doctor and make your hopes and fears known. Find out the best possible ways for you to stay healthy. Later prenatal visits will be shorter — your doctor will check on your health and make sure the baby is growing as expected.

Most prenatal visits will include:

  • checking your blood pressure
  • measuring your weight gain
  • measuring your abdomen to check the baby's growth
  • checking the baby's heart rate
Review Date: 
August 9, 2012
Last Updated:
January 15, 2014