Restless Legs Syndrome Health Center

Living with Restless Legs Syndrome often times means that a person must learn how to manage situations where they will be sitting for long periods of time.

The following tips are meant to help address common concerns:

  • Choose an aisle seat at the movies, so that you can get up and move easier.
  • Make sure to get enough stretch breaks at work or school.
  • Tell friends, family, and coworkers why you have to move more often, they will most likely understand and be accommodating.
  • Try sleeping with a pillow between your legs; it may help prevent nerve pain in the legs.
  • Compression socks and stockings are commonly used by individuals with RLS to apply pressure.

For more information about living with Restless Legs Syndrome, talk to your doctor

Review Date: 
October 7, 2013
Last Updated:
June 2, 2014