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What ED May Mean for Diabetes Risk

It can be awkward to talk to your doctor about your sex life. But, for many men, problems in the bedroom can be a warning sign for another serious health problem.

ED Rx: A Possible Downside

While medications for erectile dysfunction can improve men's lives, they may also carry a downside.

How Pesticides Might Affect Men's Sexual Health

Mom's advice to eat plenty of veggies still rings true, but men might want to do so with some caution. High-pesticide fruits and vegetables might damage men's sexual health.

What Exercise Might Do for Men's Sexual Health

Staying active could benefit more than just heart health in men.

Women, Sex and Sjogren's Syndrome

Sjogren's syndrome — many have never heard of it. This condition with the hard-to-pronounce name (it's "show-grins") is a common autoimmune disease, however, and it may be linked to sexual problems in women.

Breathe Easy, Parents: Vaccine Not Tied to More STDs

Some parents have raised concerns that vaccinating young girls against HPV, a sexually transmitted illness, might lead to more unsafe sexual activity in these girls. New evidence, however, suggests that's not the case — and the vaccine could prevent serious health problems.

When Taking Rx Safely Means Taking Birth Control Seriously

For people with severe acne, prescription medication can work when cleansers and ointments fail. Some of those medications, however, can lead to problems if the patient becomes pregnant.

A Clean Vaccine

It's a clean vaccine — the HPV shot doesn't appear to raise patients' risk of nervous system diseases.

Getting Healthy May Improve Men's Fertility

Health problems that seem unrelated to men's fertility — like diabetes or high blood pressure — may damage men's sperm. And men can take steps that can both improve their overall health and make them more fertile.

Early Artery Disease May Signal Erectile Dysfunction Later

Signs of heart disease can be worrying at any age. A new study found that early signs of artery disease can signal more than just future heart problems in men.