Sexual Health Health Center

Most sexual health conditions can be diagnosed through a scheduled appointment with your doctor. A full physical examination will allow your physician to make a proper diagnosis and prescribe the best treatment for you.

For sexual health conditions, an accurate and honest medical history may help your doctor significantly in providing a diagnosis. Be open about sexual partners and activity as well as attempts at conceiving in cases of infertility.

If you are a woman, your doctor may recommend that you see a gynecologist for further specialized testing. A fertility specialist may be sought for problems becoming pregnant.

Tests for assessing sexual health may involve taking samples of discharge or urine for further testing. A Pap smear may be used on women to diagnose certain STDs. Blood tests may also be used to diagnose conditions like HIV or syphilis.

A home pregnancy test, available at many pharmacies and grocery stores, can be used to test for pregnancy out of the comfort of your own bathroom. These home tests are commonly seen as accurate, but you may wish to test more than once. If positive, visit your doctor as soon as possible for confirmation and further testing.

Review Date: 
September 4, 2012
Last Updated:
November 13, 2013