Sexual Health Health Center

Being sexually active takes caution and responsibility. Besides consistently practicing safe sex, a change of diet and habits may allow for a healthier and more satisfying lifestyle. Such changes may also address infertility issues.

If you are pregnant, take steps to get proper prenatal care. Pregnant women should talk to their doctor about folic acid supplements to lower the risk for birth defects. They should also ask about vaccinations against diseases like chickenpox and rubella that could harm the fetus. Pregnant women should try to maintain a healthy weight and varied diet and stop smoking, drinking and all drug use. See your doctor or gynecologist for regular and frequent check-ups.

If you are having fertility problems, try a change in lifestyle. Start an exercise regimen and avoid stress in whatever ways you can. Stop taking unnecessary medications and avoid smoking, drinking and drugs. Eat a healthy diet and do your best to steer clear of environmental toxins.

Review Date: 
September 4, 2012
Last Updated:
November 13, 2013