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Stopping Diabetes in Its Tracks — Before It Starts

Many Americans are on the path to developing diabetes, but it’s not too late to make a U-turn.

The Benefits of Working Hard in the Gym

Exercise is almost never a bad thing, but new evidence suggests that not all exercise is created equal.

How Your Breakfast Might Affect Your Blood Sugar

There may be more to healthy eating than vitamins, minerals, and fat and sugar content. How much you eat and when could have an effect on your blood sugar, too.

These Steps May Cut Diabetes Risk in New Moms

Between late-night feedings and diaper changes, new moms may not prioritize their own blood sugar levels. However, healthy choices and medications could prevent diabetes in those at risk for it.

How to Avoid Aching Knees

Knee pain — a sign of arthritis, related to obesity or just the result of getting older? Whatever the reason, diet and exercise might be able to prevent or reduce knee pain in overweight older adults with diabetes.

Cholesterol, Sugar Guidelines May Change

No cholesterol, yes cholesterol. No coffee, yes coffee. What to eat can get pretty confusing for the average eater. New recommendations may clear up some of that confusion.

Quit Smoking for Your Kids' Health

Almost any parent would like to help his or her children be healthier. For those parents or future parents who smoke, here's another reason to quit.

With Diabetes, Cutting Blood Pressure a Little May Go a Long Way

Having a normal blood pressure is good for overall health, but in diabetes patients, it may also be critical to preventing major heart problems.

Some Diabetes Patients May Be Missing out on Care

Young adults may be less likely than older people to worry about their health, but this can spell trouble down the road — especially when a chronic condition is involved.

Type 2 Diabetes Combo Rx Approved

The US Food and Drug Administration today approved a medication that combines two common type 2 diabetes treatments.