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Diabetes on the Rise as Obesity Rates Climb

Just by taking a look around, one might see that obesity has become a bigger problem over the last several decades. But changes in diabetes rates are less easy to see.

Diabetes Rx Could Trigger Low Blood Sugar

For patients with type 2 diabetes, a standard treatment is a combination of insulin with a medication that enhances the release of insulin. The combo, however, may cause a low blood sugar reaction.

Weight Loss Surgery Not Just for Obese

Gastric banding is a weight loss procedure that has been used successfully to control diabetes in severely obese people. The operation may now provide similar benefits to those who are overweight.

Sleep Troubles Tied to High Blood Sugar Levels

Never underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep. Mounting evidence shows that sleep apnea, characterized by repeated pauses in breathing while sleeping, may be tied to diabetes.

Diet and Exercise to Stave off Diabetes and Death

For people with chronic high blood sugar, exercise and a healthy diet could delay or prevent diabetes. New research shows those interventions could even save lives.

Blood Pressure Rx Cuts Heart Attack, Death Rate

Diabetes increases the likelihood of having heart disease. While blood pressure medications may help reduce related risks, some therapies may be more effective than others.

Diabetes Rx Does Not Help Heart Attack Patients

For those with diabetes, metformin not only helps to control blood sugar, but it may also boost heart health. The cardiovascular benefit, however, may not extend to those without diabetes.

Weight Gain a Year After Giving Birth Can Lead to Health Risks

After having a baby, most women have a lot of things to think about. For some women, even a year after giving birth, one of those things may need to be weight loss.

Too Little Sleep Linked to Diabetes and Obesity

Sometimes, we take sleep for granted. But getting a good night’s sleep can be key to maintaining a healthy metabolism and preventing diabetes and obesity.

Blood Sugar Measure May Not Predict Heart Disease

High blood sugar readings have been tied to a greater risk for heart disease. While these blood sugar readings may signal risk of pre-diabetes or diabetes, they may not be a sign that heart disease waits ahead.