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New Diabetes Combo Rx Gets Go-Ahead

The FDA approval of a new combination medication should soon bring type 2 diabetes patients a new treatment option.

Popular Diabetes Rx May Have New Destination in the Body

A new form of a popular medication might change the game for some patients with type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Rx May Offer Weight Loss Bonus

If you're a type 2 diabetes patient trying to lose weight, the medication you take could make a difference.

The Latest Skinny on Trans Fats

You likely know that a fatty diet is bad for you, but that may all depend on what kind of fats you're talking about.

Weight Loss Surgery Benefits Were Short-Lived

Weight loss surgery can produce dramatic results, but it seems that keeping the weight off can be a challenge.

Rethink Your Drink

You may want to think twice before you down that bottle of Coke.

This Common Diabetes Rx May Be Safer Than Previously Thought

Weighing the benefits of medications against their potential risks is a common conundrum for many doctors. But, for one common diabetes medication, that decision may have gotten a little easier.

5 Lifestyle Factors Linked to Less Heart Failure

Your day-to-day activities just may halve your risk for heart failure.

For Type 2 Diabetes, Surgery May Boost Hope

Doctors usually advise patients with type 2 diabetes to eat better and exercise more, but these lifestyle changes may not be enough in some cases.

Hold That Sugary Drink for Better Health

Sugary drinks may taste good, but they may also take a big toll on public health.