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For Type 2 Diabetes, Surgery May Boost Hope

Doctors usually advise patients with type 2 diabetes to eat better and exercise more, but these lifestyle changes may not be enough in some cases.

Hold That Sugary Drink for Better Health

Sugary drinks may taste good, but they may also take a big toll on public health.

For Diabetes, Exercise May Mean More Than Fitness

Even if exercise doesn't seem to be making you fitter, it could still be helping your health.

What's Good for Diabetes May Be Good for the Heart

For those with type 2 diabetes, keeping blood sugar levels under control can seem like walking a tightrope. But that delicate balancing act may benefit more than just blood sugar.

What Filling up on Fiber Might Do for Your Diabetes Risk

You often hear that vegetables, fruits and whole grains are healthy, and now new evidence is supporting this claim for a new reason — the fiber in these foods might help prevent a common and serious health problem.

Baby's Gender May Bump up Mom's Diabetes Risk

Expecting moms face a list of possible health concerns, including the risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy. But for those having baby boys, the odds may be even higher.

Got Diabetes? Quit Smoking, but Take Care

If you smoke, quit! If you're a smoker who has diabetes, however, you may need to more closely monitor your blood sugar after you quit.

What Swapping Sweet for Unsweet May Do for Your Health

A decision as simple as whether to add sugar to your coffee could have a long-term impact on your risk for one chronic health condition.

Diabetes, Depression, Dementia: How They May Be Linked

Diabetes and depression are both challenging yet common chronic diseases in the US. Together, they may pose an additional risk to mental health.

Diabetes Screening Might Not Help Everyone

Screening may be one of the best ways to catch and fight diseases like cancer early, but the effectiveness of screening for diabetes may be a little less clear in some patients.