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Low T May Worsen Heart Risks in Men With Diabetes

Diabetes and low testosterone may each increase the risk of heart disease. Having both may push that risk even higher.

Mediterranean Diet May Fight Heart and Diabetes Risks

Good food is essential to good health. By following the Mediterranean diet, patients may be able to reduce obesity, high blood sugar and other factors that promote heart disease and type 2 diabetes, a new study found.

Gout Patients May Have Higher Diabetes Risk

Having gout has been tied to an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. And one gender might be at higher risk than the other.

Low Vitamin D Not Tied to Diabetes Risk

Past studies have suggested that low vitamin D may be tied to an increased risk for type 2 diabetes. But new research challenges that notion.

Exercise May Not Lower Diabetes Risk Equally in All Patients

Exercise has many beneficial effects on health. One of those benefits is as a reduced risk for type 2 diabetes. But exercise may not reduce that risk by the same amount for everyone.

Longer Work Hours Associated with Diabetes

Working overtime may result in a bigger paycheck, but it may also be linked with serious health problems.

Diabetes Growth May Be Slowing

After nearly two decades of rapid growth in the number of Americans with diabetes — likely driven by obesity and low levels of physical activity — that public health trend could be changing.

Common Diabetes Rx May Affect Thyroid Function

People who have type 2 diabetes and a sluggish thyroid may need to watch the medication they take to control their blood sugar.

FDA Approves New Rx for Type 2 Diabetes

Unchecked high blood sugar can lead to serious complications like heart disease and nerve damage. But a newly FDA-approved medicine may regulate blood sugar in type 2 diabetes patients.

Diabetes May Affect Young and Old Differently

Diabetes affects millions in the US. But new research suggests that it may affect patients in different ways.