Total Patient Engagement

Connect with your patients before, during, and after care.

Patient engagement is now a requirement and healthcare providers need a comprehensive solution that enhances the patient experience, reduces readmissions and builds loyalty. Furthermore, in a world of constrained budgets, increased cuts and new regulations, this solution needs to deliver measurable ROI for the care provider. Over the next 5 years payment carve outs will double, readmission penalties will more than triple and the competition for loyal patients will become even more fierce.

dailyRx’s Total Patient Engagement™ program enables healthcare providers to engage with patients throughout the course of care. Total Patient Engagement joins breaking health and medication news with enterprise class capabilities to improve patient satisfaction, lower readmission and enhance loyalty.

Business Intelligence

Discover what our Total Patient Engagement tools are doing for you.

dailyRx will provide you with Business Intelligence reports that detail the activity across your custom Total Patient Engagement program. Reporting frequency can be customized to fit your business needs.


Connect with patients on the go.

dailyRx will create a custom mobile app branded for your practice.

Patients can access the news that’s important to them at any time with customizable health and medication news feeds delivered to their smartphones.

Your custom app also includes a click-to-call feature that routes patients directly to your practice or call center.

Social Media

Take your brand where your patients are - on social media.

Social media is an easy and effective way to boost your brand’s visibility. With dailyRx News’ social media solutions, you can share the latest health and medication news directly on your social media channels.

dailyRx will create and customize social properties for your practice on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. We’ll optimize your page’s settings, language and keywords to maximize your visibility on each social channel.


Share dailyRx News content from your practice’s website.

Become your patients’ go-to resource for medication news and information. dailyRx’s Active News feature keeps your website content fresh with the latest medication and health news. Installation is simple and news is automatically syndicated on your website.

Activate Total Patient Engagement Today!

For more information about dailyRx News’ Total Patient Engagement offering or to join our Network at no cost,  please contact [email protected].

Last Updated: September 16, 2013