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dailyRx Delivers Consistent Patient Engagement

Effective patient-provider communications are a key component to personalized care delivery, improved health outcomes and increased patient engagement.

dailyRx offers a patient-centric approach to care designed to reinforce patients’ understanding of important health information, increase patient decision making, and encourage informed patient self-management.

The dailyRx Total Patient Engagement Solutions Suite streamlines communication across print, online, social and mobile platforms, offering patients on-demand access to consistent information in a number of patient-friendly formats, whenever, wherever.

Our solutions integrate personalized patient education at the point of care and throughout the digital landscape, keeping patients actively engaged in their health.

Should Patients Trust the Health News They Find Online?

While over 80% of Internet users search for health information online, search engines are not capable of vetting content sources for appropriate patient reading level, accuracy, or bias. As a result, patients are often reliant on sources that are difficult to understand, inaccurate or biased:

  • Computers do not rate health news based on reading level.
  • With only 12% of Americans considered “health literate,” the inability to target news at the 8th grade reading level puts over 90 million Americans at risk for not acting on health information, resulting in costs up to $236 billion annually.
  • Software algorithms are not reliable tools to define health news accuracy for patients.
  • Search engines are subject to SEO techniques that may or may not return accurate news to the top of the list.
  • Approximately 20% of health research may have 'biased' conclusions.
  • Search engines are unable to determine conflicts of interest among researchers and/or institutions.

The dailyRx News editorial team carefully vets all medical research prior to publishing to ensure that our news is accurate, credible, and relevant for our readers.

Last Updated: March 3, 2013