Bioenergetic Analysis
How it Works

In addition to the analysis of history, dreams, thoughts and beliefs, Bioenergetic therapists utilize movement, breathing, stress positions and self-expressive exercises to work with the holding patterns in the body.

There are many ways of working with the body and techniques can be powerful or gentle depending on the need. For instance, expressive exercises such as rhythmic kicking on a mattress or hitting a mattress with a tennis racket can be used to open breathing, release tension and develop a greater capacity to both contain and express feeling. "Grounding" (an exercise that stretches the legs and opens breathing and feeling) helps a client better sense his or her legs and the ground, promoting a sense of security. Stress positions such as the "bow" (standing upright, with knees slightly bent, weight on the center to outside of the feet, belly relaxed, arch back and gently push fists into the lower back, breathing naturally) help a client to sense and gradually open blocked areas.

BA is practiced as both individual and group psychotherapy.