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Pros and Cons

Pros for this therapy

Biofeedback may appeal to you for several reasons:

  • It can reduce, or even eliminate, your need for medication.
  • It has the potential to help conditions that have not responded to medication.
  • Even in cases that are responding well to medications, biofeedback can be effective as an adjunctive therapy to increase positive response and possibly reduce the amount of medication required.
  • Unlike many medications that may simply mask symptoms, biofeedback often affects the underlying physiological imbalance that may be the root of your illness.
  • It is non-invasive and proven generally safe with no minimal risk of adverse effects.
  • It helps puts you in charge of your own healing by providing measurable feedback, allowing you to monitor your progress and learning.
  • It can decrease your medical costs.

Cons for this therapy

Because biofeedback therapy does not “do” anything to the body, few contraindications exist. However, because resulting functional improvements can require strenuous physical effort, individuals interested in biofeedback may need to be aerobically fit.