side effects
Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)
Pros and Cons

Pros for this therapy

ECT often is effective in cases where antidepressant medications do not provide sufficient relief of symptoms. The American Psychiatric Association guidelines advocate ECT treatment for severe major depression with psychotic features, manic delirium, or catatonia.

Cons for this therapy

The acute effects of ECT can include amnesia, both retrograde (for events occurring before the treatment) and anterograde (for events occurring after the treatment).There are risks and side effects associated with ECT. Although rare, people have suffered anesthesia reactions and anaphylaxis, cardiovascular outcomes such as arrythmias, heart attack, and blood pressure changes, physical trauma from restrained muscle contraction and dental/oral trauma from intubation, neurological complications such as stroke and seizure. More common is the risk of amnesia, memory loss, and cognitive decline, although these risks are controversial. If memory loss occurs, it usually resolves in the days to weeks after treatment.