Multimodal Therapy
How it Works

The multimodal therapist might target each modality in the order in which might be the most helpful in a largely psychoeducational approach.

Problem behaviors might be dealt with through positive or negative reinforcement, counterconditioning, or extinction. Affective responses, or things that deal with unpleasant emotions might be treated with cognitive behavioral type therapy, such as learning to own up to and accept feelings, or abreaction, which is reliving an experience in order to purge it of its emotional excesses; a type of catharsis.

Psychosomatic complaints, or Sensations, may be treated with tension release or sensory pleasuring, positive relaxation imagery and calming techniques. Negative self-images may be treated by creating coping images, meditaition, visualization exercises, and guided imagery. Issues with cognition, or problems with irrational thoughts may be addressed with cognitive restructuring, or work to create self awareness, mindfulness based thearies, defusing exercises, and thought diaries. . Problems with interpersonal relationships can be helped with dispersing unhealthy collusions, paradoxical maneufers, and learning nonjudgmental acceptance.  Drugs and other biological interventions use medications to assist in therapy.