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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Pros and Cons

Pros for this therapy

Since psychodynamic therapy tries to address the root causes and the deeper issues of psychological problems, the benefits may be longer lasting instead of a quick fix. Patients who are experiencing general distress or anguish, issues with psychosomatic pain, and problems with personality traits such as work or personal relationship difficulties may particularly benefit. Patients may come away with a more complete picture of themselves and who they are.

Cons for this therapy

Contraindications for extended psychodynamic therapy include direct treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder, the preferred treatment is behavioral therapy and medication. Patients who are actively abusing alcohol or drugs are also unlikely to benefit. Patients with schizophrenia may benefit from some of the principles of psychodynamic therapy, but will also generally require medication, hospital treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, and supportive therapy as well. 

Psychodynamic therapy usually takes more time and more sessions than cognitive behavioral therapy. People who are reluctant to talk about their childhood may find it difficult.