Help a Congested Baby

January 5, 2012
Cold-related congestion may be eased by putting a humidifier or vaporizer in your baby's room. Cool mist is best. A congested baby may also find relief if you elevate her head slightly while she sleeps. To do it, place a few towels or a slim pillow between the mattress and the crib springs. And because an infant can't blow her nose, you may want to use a rubber bulb syringe to clear out her nasal passages. This technique involves gently squirting saline drops up your baby's nostrils to loosen mucous' then with the bulb squeezed, re-insert it slightly into the nostril and let go of the bulb to aspirate all the mucous and saline. The syringe method is particularly effective if your baby is too stuffed-up to breathe comfortably or to nurse.
Last Updated:
July 16, 2012