Home Gym: Triceps

January 5, 2012
If you've got a kitchen chair, you can also have toned triceps—in as little as two weeks! Forget the free weights, keep your cash, and STILL tone the backs of your arms with a simple move that you can do in your kitchen! Sit on the edge of a chair, and—holding on to the front corners—lift your butt up and walk forward several steps. Then, lower your body by bending your arms to 90 degree angles. Now, press your arms against the chair seat to slowly raise your body back to the starting position. Your goal is to work up to completing two sets of ten. This easy exercise is quick, effective, and a better deal than your set of exercise videos! And as a bonus for the time crunched, you can do the chair press on your lunch break...although we recommend avoiding this if your seat has wheels!
Last Updated:
July 16, 2012