10 Useful Animated Video Makers for YouTube Content Creation in 2022

YouTube has grown into the world’s biggest video-sharing platform, and statistics show that 95% of the internet population uses it. This makes it the best place to post your animated videos no matter the audience you are targeting. But first, you need to produce great, informative content to succeed on YouTube.

For that reason, I have made this article to help create stunning YouTube content and take your channel a notch higher. Here is a list of the 10 useful animated video makers for YouTube content creation in 2022:

1. Doratoon – The Ultimate Solution to Make Animated videos


Doratoon is a professional video editing tool that lets you turn your creative ideas into cool animated clips. This tool is especially suited for videos targeting YouTube and also comes in handy for other animated video types like 2d animation, whiteboard animation, and so on. It enables you to edit and customize your projects efficiently and works for all users, whether experts or beginners.

How to make Animated YouTube content with Doratoon?

The steps below will guide you on how to create animated videos with Doratoon for your YouTube channel.


1. Choose a template.

Go to the Doratoon homepage and sign up for an account. Click on Create a new video or select a template to get started.

2. Edit your video.

You can add characters, text boxes, soundtracks, and use props to enliven your animated video. The platform also allows you to import scenes and edit or trim them.

3. Save and share the video.

Once you are content with your clip, name it by adding a title, then tap Export. Save the video as an MP4 or PPT file, or share it via Facebook or Twitter.

What Makes Doratoon Animation Program Unique?

Doratoon Animation

Below are reasons why Doratoon is the best video animator for YouTube content today:

Easy usability

Doratoon features an intuitive interface that requires no technical knowledge to navigate. These features are also easily accessible, and the platform has zero latency during the editing phase. Easy usability makes Doratoon a practical animated video maker.

Rich templates & characters

If you do not feel like creating from scratch, Doratoon has got your back. Doratoon features a rich set of templates to help speed up your creation process. It also has a wide range of animated characters that you can add to your video for free.

Text-to-speech feature

You do not have to hire a voiceover artist when you create content with Doratoon. The platform offers text-to-speech or AI dubbing services. You can use this feature to cut costs.

Pros of using Doratoon:

• Drag and drop feature.
• It lets you share videos on YouTube directly.
• Multiple animation styles.
• All-inclusive music library.
• Affordable pro/pro+ plans

Cons of using Doratoon:

• You need access to the Internet to sign in and create videos.

2. Animatron- 1st Runner-Up


Animatron is my second option when I need to create animated videos for YouTube. You can use this program to generate fantastic content. It is highly reputable and used by companies like Google, Disney, and the New York Times. Animatron is effective if you intend to use rich visuals for your video.


• Over 500,000 royalty-free photos, video clips, and audio files.
• Whiteboard animation style.
• Customizable animated characters.
• Easy social media sharing.


• It allows you to import your own voiceover.
• Implements keyframing for more character control.
• Multiple text styles.
• Regularly updated video styles.


• Not easy to use.

3. Animaker – 2nd Runner-Up


This tool is an excellent choice if you are looking for a colorful cartoon animation video maker. It is also the best if you don’t want to customize your video’s plot heavily. Animaker is versatile, has a user-friendly interface, and is suitable for non-technical users. Its character builder tool is also impressive and easy to understand.


• 100M+ stock videos and photos.
• Expansive character library.
• 2D, 2.5D, typography, infographics, and whiteboard animation.
• Unique editing features.


• It lets you resize templates.
• Easy to use.
• The animated characters are customizable.


• Needs more video styles.
• Lacks advanced features.

The tools I have listed above are the go-to tools when you need an animated video maker. However, if you would like to explore more options, keep reading. I have more in store for you.

4. Wideo

Despite having limited video styles, Wideo can enable you to produce decent animated YouTube videos. You can leverage its wide range of gracefully designed templates to bring your idea to life. Wideo is especially effective for creating marketing and animated educational videos. However, you can only generate 30-second-long videos on the free version.


• In-built template gallery.
• Screen recording option.
• Rich animated character settings.
• Extensive audio editing features.

5. Filmora

Filmora is one of the most popular video editors and has numerous innovative features that enable it to stand out. It is cross-platform and has accessibility on mobile phones and desktops. Filmora also has a short learning curve due to the availability of tutorials on its website. The tool is favored by experts and beginners alike.


• In-built transitions and templates.
• Supports motion tracking, keyframes, masks, audio ducking, and many more.
• Auto montage creator.

6. Biteable

This software is fast and fun to use when creating animated YouTube videos. Its main advantage is that you can run it on any computer, even if it’s not powerful. Biteable is aimed at creating social media content and is best for creating promotional content and small adverts.


• Social media ready-made templates.
• Easy sharing and team building.
• Has fun and informative product videos and updates.
• It lets you add your own text, colors, photos, and sounds for further customization.

7. Toonator

Toonator is also a good alternative for creating animated clips. This tool is advanced and lets you open a window and draw with your fingers or a pen. Toonator is also a cloud-based software, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up installation space on your computer.


• Adds popular clips from other users to help you learn.
• Lets you enhance past projects.
• Ability to draw directly onto the program.
• Simple interface.

8. Moovly

Moovly is among the few online video animators that have full integration with the millions of digital assets on Shutterstock. Whether you intend to create educational, marketing, or sales videos for YouTube, Moovly is up to the task. All you need to use this software is a strong network connection. In addition, Moovly has a mobile app for Android and iOS.


• An array of editing functions.
• Vast stock media library.
• Enables team collaboration.
• Has tutorials on the website.

9. Renderforest

Renderforest is geared towards professional use, so it comes with multiple exciting and advanced features. You can use it to create 2D, 3D, or CG realistic animated videos for YouTube. Renderforest also lets you choose between designing videos from scratch or using an animation template.


• Customizable templates.
• Advanced audio editor to help synchronize the voiceover with scenes.
• Multiple color palettes.
• Unlimited font options.

10. Canva

Canva has multiple integrated tools and platforms to help increase your workflow. It enables you to produce engaging animated YouTube videos that effectively influence your target audience. However, learning how to navigate the advanced interface might take time for a beginner.


• Has a background remover.
• Real-time team editing.
• Multiple videos exporting formats.

Wrap up

This list of programs will help you get the job done if you intend to create animated YouTube videos in 2022. Animated video editing can be complex, but I hope these tools help make your projects easier and more fun. For the best creation experience and features, I recommend using Doratoon. It is modern and unique and guarantees animated content that will appeal to your audience.