18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers

18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers: How Can They Help You?

When an accident involving a huge commercial truck occurs, it can result in devastating consequences. It can cause serious injuries, leaving victims with high medical expenses and loss of property. If you or your loved one is involved in a huge commercial truck accident, it’s the perfect time to find 18-wheeler accident lawyers in Houston, TX.

18-wheeler accident lawyers can help you build a strong lawsuit to seek the compensation you rightfully deserve from the at-fault party. Let’s find out more about 18-wheeler accidents and how accident attorneys in Houston, TX, can help.

What Are 18-Wheeler Accidents?

It’s important to know what 18-wheeler accidents are in order to understand how accident attorneys can help. Also known as semi-truck accidents, 18-wheeler truck accidents involve trucks that weigh approximately 12.5 tons. Your car only weighs around 1.4 tons. That means there’re massive forces in action for 18-wheeler accidents.

In most cases, the increased force and weight involved in truck accidents lead to severe damages and injuries. Victims of these accidents often seek high amounts of compensation to help cover:

  • Property damage
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Lost wages and salaries

How Can 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers in Houston, TX Help?

What can you expect when you find experienced 18-wheeler accident lawyers in Houston, TX? Let’s look at ways a truck accident attorney can help you after a crash with an 18-wheeler truck.

On-scene Investigation

To establish a strong lawsuit and recover the financial compensation you need, it’s necessary to collect enough evidence from the scene. Knowledgeable lawyers can instantly dispatch investigators to the accident scene to collect helpful evidence before it fades.

Collecting Evidence from Other Sources

Proving liability for a commercial truck accident requires enough evidence from other sources. Apart from the on-scene investigation, your accident lawyer can also seek to obtain the following pieces of evidence.

  • Vehicle inspection reports
  • The truck driver’s logs
  • Traffic camera footage
  • The trucker’s employment records and phone, among others.

These pieces of evidence serve two important purposes; establishing your right to fair financial compensation and proving that the truck driver was at fault.

Determining At-Fault Parties

When it comes to 18-wheeler accidents, the driver isn’t the only party at fault, which is the case in car accidents. That means you need to identify all liable parties. In most truck accidents, the trucking firms are liable. But other parties like mechanics, road engineers, and spare part manufacturers, can also be liable.

The mission of hiring a lawyer is to get the compensation you deserve. And that’s what knowledgeable truck accident lawyers in Houston, TX, will help you with.

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