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Best 1st Anniversary Gifts for Her

A relationship anniversary is a beautiful holiday for any couple in love. On this day, men often want to arrange a holiday for their beloved to remember all the beautiful moments that two loving hearts have experienced together.

Of course, an important date cannot go without surprises. Men in love often puzzle over what to present to their significant others. Ukraine girls for dating are especially hard to please. You will find some universal ideas and tips below.

What to Give a Girl for an Anniversary of Relationships

If a significant event is on the way, and you still have hardly any options, study new ideas for surprises like learning turquoise stone meaning for a unique gemstone gift. You dont always have to spend big money on things like diamond necklace pendants, obviously these gifts would be treasured but it’s the thought that counts. Here we have a ready-made list of ideas that you can give a girl for an anniversary:

1. Kigurumi

These are funny pajamas jumpsuits made in the shape of animals. Both men and women can wear them. There are Kigurumi imitating dogs, cats, unicorns, tigers, and even Pokémons. If you know your girlfriend’s favorite animal, it will be effortless to choose such a gift.

2. Long Pillow with Your Photo

An original and funny idea for an anniversary. If you often go on business trips, then such a gift will be an excellent solution. The peculiarity of the long pillow is that it is suitable for hugs, and your girl will always feel your presence.

3. A Cycle of Favorite Novels

If a girl loves to read, then she probably has a favorite writer. A gift selection of their works will be a good anniversary present.

4. A Love Lock

Take it with you on a walk and pull out as you pass a bridge or a symbolic statue in your town. Click it, and throw the key into the water. A kind of magic ritual will not only strengthen relationships but also give a lot of pleasant emotions. You can then turn back to the place and check whether your lock is still there.

5. SIM Card with a Nice Number

Pick up contact information that matches the date you met. Such a romantic surprise will prevent you from forgetting the date of such an important event and remind your girl how much you love her during every phone call.

6. A Bunch of Balloons Filled with Helium

Balloons can be in the shape of a heart, with romantic inscriptions, or the form of a bouquet. They cannot serve the main gift but will be a great addition to another unique present.

Outstanding Anniversary Ideas

An original gift for a girl on her anniversary is guaranteed to delight her and cheer up. To make a real surprise for your significant other, choose one of the following gifts:

1. Scratch Map of the World

Its main difference from a conventional wall card is the presence of an erasable layer. You can mark those countries that you have already visited together.

2. Reverse Watch

These anti-clocks differ from the usual ones in that the hands in them go in the opposite direction. There is a relatively large number of models of both wristwatches and wall clocks, so it will not be challenging to choose the most exciting option.

3. Makeup Organizer

There are many options for organizers that come in different sizes and from different materials. This stylish gift will become a manifestation of care and attention—an inexpensive but beneficial present.

4. Bath Table Tray or a Shelf

An unusual gift for those who like long baths. On such a shelf, you can place a smartphone and a glass with a drink, comfortably watching your favorite TV series while having a bath.

Expensive Gifts for Her

As practice shows, even an unlimited budget doesn’t guarantee that you hit the target and please a girl. Experts do not advise giving expensive items for the first anniversary. However, if you are sure about the girl’s tastes and money is not a problem for you, abandon hesitations. Great options among the expensive gifts are:

1. Jewelry

The most common and win-win option. Suitable for women of any age, status, and hobbies. The only precaution is that you should not give a ring if you are not ready to propose to the girl yet. Otherwise, an unpleasant situation may arise.

2. Smartphone

This gift will be handy if your girl’s phone is outdated and cannot afford to buy a new one. Most often, we are talking about the latest iPhone model. This gift is expensive and status. However, not all women dream of Apple products. Therefore, before buying such a costly presentation, it is advisable to know if your girl is an Apple or Android lover.

3. Natural Fur Coat

Another status and expensive gift that most women will appreciate. The most popular are mink coats, but you can consider options from a rabbit, arctic fox, etc. This gist is a good option if you live in the areas with cold winters.

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