2D Game Art Styles: The Fundamentals In Video Games

Did you know that 2D art is everywhere these days? Yes, this is true. Hence, you have to understand how 2D game art styles can impact your video game business. This article will help you understand the significant value of art styles in games.

In our daily lives, you should know that you can find 2D art styles on things such as book covers, t-shirts, and even paintings. Not just in those things, 2D art can also be found in various online games. There are some basics that you should learn about 2D video game art.

Because 2D game art styles are almost everywhere these days, it is the right time for you to comprehend that it is important to include 2-dimensional art styles in your video games. If you want your video game to be patronized by lots of potential players, it is a sound decision for you to hire an outsourcing agency that specializes in 2-dimensional art styles. Doing this can make your investment more profitable.

2D art was not only evident in the past. In fact, it has been evolving throughout the years. And right now, the 2-dimensional art we have seen is the more evolved version. The sophisticated version exists due to technological advancements.

There are common 2D art-style techniques that you should be aware of. Those techniques can truly help your video game business excel. Beating the competitors is not that easy. But through the available 2-dimensional techniques, you will be able to achieve a competitive edge.

How? It can happen through having an engaging video art game. It can happen when your video games are created based on professional 2D game designs. That said, it is better if you are going to learn the fundamentals of video games. It is through this way that you can bring your video game brand to the next level.

Fundamentals of 2D game art styles

Two-dimensional game art has specific characters, objects, and environments. When we say “2D game art,” it simply refers to the action that occurs in a 2D plane. Typically, the art styles that are based on 2 dimensions are either vertical-scrolling or side-scrolling modes.

The rendering is based on two dimensions, which simply characterize the entire 2D environment. It can be surmised that the present-day 3-dimensional art styles are an evolution from the conventional 2-dimensional art styles. Furthermore, 2D art games have vertical and horizontal animation. These are about the composition, which is made up of two aspects: length and width.

Historically, let’s look at an example of a 2D game art that has been patronized by lots of players for years now. A concrete example is Pong, a table tennis simulation 2D game. This is the first commercially released two-dimensional game in the world. Lots of players have patronized this game even now. The objective of the game is for every player to hit the moving object, of course, away from the base.

In the beginning, this video game was created using simple graphics. The paddle and ball were represented by pixelated assets. This was the reality in the early 70s when this game was created. But right now, there is a more refined version of this 2D video game.

Using 2D artwork styles, the different video game companies in the world have tried their best to produce more sophisticated 2D game art styles. As such, their main objective is to enhance storytelling. It is through this way that you can achieve your goals and objectives as a business organization.

If you are one of those companies competing to be on top, then it would be great if you could introduce games that are absolutely amazing. Make people happy and satisfied by making more engaging video game art styles. This is the best strategy for your investment to reap a massive profit and income.

Another typical example of a great 2D video game is Limbo. This is one of the best 2D game designs that tells the story of a child who finds himself in a dark forest. Why is this 2D video game interesting? Well, the player has to use a character that goes on a side-scrolling adventure.

To make the game more interesting, the character needs to face lots of trials and challenges. Meeting the challenges during the journey is really great. It makes the whole game really interesting and engaging. Defeating various deadly elements along the way is an important part of the game’s excitement. The bottom line is that this 2D game provides a great yet challenging environment.

Common art styles in games

There are common styles of 2D games that you should really know about.

1. Flat art technique

What is it? The flat art technique is one of the most common 2D game art styles. This is manifested by the use of basic geometric graphics and shapes. The color theme of every 2D game that uses this technique emphasizes the best mode. The ambience is totally different when this technique is executed. Alto’s Adventure is the best example of a game that utilizes the flat art technique.

2. Vector art technique

This particular technique uses high-precision graphical assets. Both mathematical formulas and geometric elements are used in this particular technique. Castle Crashers is the best example of a 2D game that uses this technique.

3. Pixel art technique

This is another art style that is important for your video game business. You have to know that the pixelated art style is an old-school technique. But lots of gaming companies are using this technique because it is still proven effective in producing engaging video games.

4. Realistic 2D art technique

Last but not least, here’s the so-called realistic 2D art technique. In this style, the most popular triple A conceptual art is being utilized. Most of the modern game art development processes are characterized by this style.

In a nutshell, it is about time for your video game company to stand out. Choose the best outsourcing company to assist you in creating enticing 2D video game art for potential players.