Step by Step Guide to Acquire an MC Number

MC numbers are crucial for truck and transportation organizations. What it does is that it gives people the authority to perform their business activities. There have been a few talks where people think of it as a tiring errand.

But that is far from the truth. This article will address questions like; How to get an MC number in a few simple steps. It will go over all the aspects that one should know of while applying for an MC number such as the cost including all charges and fees, the application forms, and what exactly is an MC number.

What Is MC Number Registration?

The term Mc number is an abbreviated form of Motor Carrier number. Obtaining this number gives the company or the organization a right to legally play out their business activities within the country. Moreover, this number is also used to identify the FMCSA and DOT. It gives the moving companies an identity to which they can be recognizable.

Hence, meaning that an MC number is allotted to those companies which transport cargo across state lines. Although one thing that should be noted is that it is not compulsory for all the moving companies to obtain this number. However, all the interstate movers must show their USDOT numbers.  

All the commercial carriers who want authority must abide by this. Another thing to take into consideration is that FMCSA operating authority is not always considered as an MC number. This means that the MC number is not the only compliance designation. Other numbers include FF and MX numbers. The type of truck operation that is being carried out is what the type of authority largely depends on.

Applying for the MC Number Under First-Time Registration

There are several differences when it comes to the MC number application process as compared to the USDOT process. Let us have a look at what makes it different from the latter. The reason is that there are high chances where the company would benefit more from having more than one MC number. This way they will be fully supported to run out any sort of operating business that they need to perform.

A person who has never applied before should get registered online at the FMCSA website. The process will be initiated by using the URS. The person must register themselves here as well before starting the actual application process. Both the side and portal are simple to understand. All the data that is being entered will automatically be saved simultaneously.

This way the applicant can go back to their application and start from exactly where they left it. All that is required is to enter the password and the username. After the entire application has been filled, all that is left to do is pay the required registration fees.

This will be the final step to get your application ready for processing and will take 25 business days to fully be done with it. Though, it is to be kept in mind that it sometimes takes up more time in case the FMCSA takes it for further evaluation.

Applying for a New MC Number Using Existing Registration

There have been numerous times where the existing carriers are asked to get a new MC number. This can be done in two ways. One way would be applying through the FMCSA website or another way can be to apply through the OP-1 series forms. Existing carriers should keep their previous MC number on them and they should utilize the FMCSA Legacy Registration system. This is where the companies and organizations will be able to pay for the new number.

Companies will also be able to know the status of their MC number via the SAFER website. While they are using the website, another thing that they can do is perform a licensing and insurance search.

All that is required for this is simply entering their USDOT or MC in the box and press search. After this, the ‘Authority History’ will appear at the bottom of the page. It will show everything that the applicant needs to see about the date the new operating authority has gone into effect.

The Fees for Getting an MC Number

If a person wished to apply for a permanent authority to obtain an MC number then here is what they have to do. They will have to pay $300 as fees. In a case where the person wants a change-of-name notice, then that will cost them $14.

Moreover, the person will be charged $80 if they are planning to apply to reinstate their authority. Each type of authority classification is charged differently. Hence it is important that the charges are being noted down correctly by the team. Every piece of information must be double-checked since, after submission, the FMCSA will not be making corrections or alterations.