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Benefits of Adding a New Bathroom

There are many family homes without a second bathroom. Families spend every morning fighting over the shower and rushing to work. A second bathroom can make your morning routine much smoother – especially if you have a growing family. Stretch your creative muscles and take a deep dive into bathroom renovation trends.

Here are a few benefits of adding a new bathroom to your home.

Add value to your property

A second bathroom can add up to 5% more value to your property. If your home is worth £231,000, a second bathroom could add a whopping £5,000. Sometimes you need to spend money to make more. If you are thinking of reselling your home, it’s time to add a second bathroom.

Make use of the box room

Every property has one room that rarely gets used. It might be a box room or spare space under the stairs. You can fit a small bathroom into this otherwise useless space. Go through the items accumulating in the area and start decluttering. You can store these belongings in an organisational system elsewhere.

Hire a professional to look at the space and what might be possible. You might be able to fit an entire family bathroom in the box room or just a toilet and basin under the stairs. Get creative with the design to make the most out of the space available.

Design the bathroom

You need inspiration for your bathroom renovation. Look at magazines, social media and Pinterest for design ideas and colour palettes. You could focus on the latest interior trends or stick to a more classic design. Neutral colours tend to work best in bathrooms. They draw in light and keep the space looking fresh and clean. No one wants to bathe in a dark and chaotic space.

Alternatively, you could go for some brightly coloured tiles in the shower. Add a splash of colour in the shower and keep the rest of the room neutral. You could install stylish radiators for a vintage design or keep it simple with a heated towel rail.

Get your privacy back

It’s one thing to share a bathroom with your family – it’s another thing entirely to share it with guests. You could build an ensuite into the master bedroom so you and your partner can have your privacy back. You can enjoy your space and shower in peace. A second bathroom allows guests to have their privacy as well. They don’t need to wait to use the shower. They can have their own space to freshen up and use the bathroom.

Your new bathroom should be stylish, practical and durable. Have fun with the design process – and make the most out of every space in your home.

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