alcohol and drug withdrawal

Alcohol And Drug Withdrawal: Rehab Treatment

Alcohol and drug withdrawal can be overwhelming. There are a number of things to be considered when it is about the withdrawal process. Now, you may wonder what is withdrawal, and how to deal with it wisely? Well!  Substance or alcohol withdrawal has a number of symptoms; it may make the addict uncomfortable and can be dangerous in some situations.

The withdrawal can even create a setback in the person’s recovery process. Thus, it is important to take help from drug or alcohol rehab so you can know how to get through the withdrawal symptoms safely and recover from the addiction.

What is withdrawal?

Withdrawal is the symptoms that occur when a person stops abusing drugs or alcohol. To understand the withdrawal, you need to know how the substance or alcohol abuse affects you mentally. When a person takes drugs or alcohol, the chemical reaction takes place in the brain and responds to the substance or alcohol abuse.

Sometimes, the impact of these chemicals is higher, and sometimes the impact is low. However, the brain gets used to the substance abuse and chemical changes with time; as a result, the person becomes dependent upon drugs or alcohol. And, when they try to quit drugs, they experience uncomfortable symptoms which we call the withdrawal symptoms.

The withdrawal symptoms depend upon the type of substance you are abusing.  Different chemicals have a different impact upon the brain, thus, the withdrawal symptoms will also vary:

For example; alcohol withdrawal symptoms commonly are mood changes,  hallucination, tremor, insomnia, etc. Opioid withdrawal symptoms can be;   restlessness, depression, and seizures in the worst situation.

The withdrawal symptoms can last for a week, or months depending upon the addiction behavior of a person.

Dangers of withdrawal

Some substances like cocaine, alcohol, and opioids can be dangerous to quit if you do it on your own without taking help from any Drug or Alcohol Detox facility.

You make mild withdrawal symptoms during the initial stage after quitting drugs or alcohol, but these symptoms can turn worse and deadly if you do not take professional medical assistance to wisely deal with them. Symptoms vary from person to person; depending upon their medical history, type of addiction, and lifestyle behavior.

Some people start experiencing the withdrawal symptoms within an hour after they quit the substance abuse, however, some people may not experience them for days, and later, things become worse.

So, it is important to only detox from alcohol or substance abuse under medical supervision. Quitting drugs like opioids can be dangerous and may lead to the symptoms like seizures which could be life-threatening. Drugs like cocaine can put people into depression and risk suicide.

How to get help with withdrawal?

There are many alcohol or Drug Detox centers available that can help a person overcome their drug or alcohol addiction and safely deal with the withdrawal symptoms.  The medical Detox helps to quit substance abuse safely under a medically supervised environment.

During the Detox treatment, the medical professionals treat your body with the help of some tools and techniques (medication if necessary) so your body gets used to functioning without consuming drugs or alcohol.

Also, if a person tries to quit substance abuse without medical assistance, he/she may be able to overcome the withdrawal phase but the relapse chances are quite high. So, professional help must be taken to have the best chance of long-term recovery and sober life.

Drug and alcohol abuse treatment

If you or your loved one is suffering because of success or alcohol abuse, then substance abuse treatment is the best way to overcome the problem. 

During the treatment, a person gets to stay in the drug or alcohol detox facility where they are under the supervision of medical professionals all the time who help them to overcome their addiction problem and give them the best chance to become sober again. During the treatment, the following areas are addressed:

  • Therapies (individual and group therapy).
  • Medical help.
  • Medication-assisted treatment.
  • Diet and nutrition.

It is hard to manage drug or alcohol withdrawal on your own, This is why trained medical professionals at alcohol rehab are available to help a person to overcome this challenging task. Contact the Nova Recovery Rehab today and get to learn more about how to live a healthy and sober life.

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