5 Anime Waifus: Who Will Steal Your Heart?

Today, anime has captured the attention of the world as an entertaining storytelling medium. It’s not uncommon to find people from different parts of the world participating in anime subcultures, including having heated discussions about the best anime waifus.

Anime’s popularity can be attributed to its unmatched versatility as a storytelling medium. It’s no wonder anime has attracted people from all age groups and demographics who seek to enrich their lives with a dynamic, action-packed, and erratically imaginative form of entertainment.

What Is Anime?

What Is Anime

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Anime is the word used to describe all hand-drawn and computer-animated shows made in Japan, the capital of the anime world. In Japanese, the word “anime” refers to any animated work, regardless of its origin. But for the rest of the world, “anime” refers to Japanese animation.

Although these shows are animated, they’re not the same as cartoons. Cartoons are specifically for kids, and while anime also includes many programs for kids (as a subgenre), the audience is far wider.

Anime falls into 5 broad genres, sometimes based on the audience they target.

• Shonen (Action/Adventure)
• Seinen (Mystery/Psychological thrillers)
• Shoujo (For Young Girls)
• Josei (For Adult Women)
• Kodomomuke (For Kids)

Most anime begin as manga, which is the Japanese word for comics or graphic novels. A successful manga is picked up by animation studios and turned into anime, giving it life. Manga and anime are among the largest sources of income for the Japanese economy, apart from being its top exports.



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What would anime be without its captivating and iconic female characters tugging at your heartstrings?


Now before you get the wrong idea, this is not a sexual or derogatory term. Waifu is just a term of endearment for attractive female anime characters who possess qualities a lot of men would love to have in a partner. These qualities may concern both appearances and character.


The term “waifu,” as you may have guessed or already know, is derived from the English word “wife.” But it is changed to sound more Japanese as Japanese words always end with vowel sounds. It refers to any female anime characters who you wish you had for a wife, and why not?

They emote in ways normal girls can’t or don’t. These characters are deep, caring, heartwarming, absolutely stunning with brilliant design, and often quite badass. There are no objective criteria for determining whether or not a character is a waifu — it’s mostly just based on public opinion. Any of your favorite female characters can be a waifu if that’s how you see them.


Commonly pronounced as “wai” + “foo.” But, again, this isn’t an actual word. It’s simply the creation of an anime fan culture’s nomenclature.

5 Best Waifus

Here is a compilation of some of the most popular anime waifus of all time. These are female anime characters who have made an indelible impression on anime fans of all ages.

1. Hinata Hyuga (Naruto Shippuden)

Hinata Hyuga

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Hinata is by far one of the gentlest, most selfless, brave, and loyal waifus you could ever have.

In the Naruto vs. Pain arc of Naruto Shippuden, she jumped in headfirst without thinking to protect Naruto, whom she loved and admired. Pain was an absolute beast with no mercy, and Hinata knew it was suicide to get entangled but she still jumped in to save Naruto.

The scene where she had blood pouring from her eyes, nose, and lips but continued to smile just as Pain was about to deliver the finishing blow will make your heart pause with grief.

And don’t take this the wrong way, Hinata is in no way weak. In fact, she is one of the strongest Jonins in the entire Leaf village, even comparable to a Kage. Deadly skill and precision in Taijutsu plus a gentle, loving demeanor towards everyone makes her the perfect all-around waifu.

2. Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

Mikasa Ackerman

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Mikasa is a pure queen with the most adorable personality of all the characters on this list. Some viewers might find her devotion and sense of duty towards Eren a little annoying, but if anything is far from true, it’s that she’s exclusively for Eren.

It’s true she only hangs around Eren, but that’s because they grew up together as a family. Her compassion extends beyond just Eren. She genuinely cares about all of her friends and the people she serves as a scouting soldier and would selflessly jump in to protect any of them.

No superpowers except monstrous strength that she derives from her sense of duty towards other people. She slices up Titans 20–30 times her size like carving butter. Her character design is also brilliant, with short un-parted black hair and dark eyes never missing any gloss.

3. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Erza Scarlet

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Erza could be dating The Hulk and still wear the pants in the relationship. There is only one word that perfectly encapsulates her — badass. You’ll find that “badassery” is a recurring theme among the highest-rated waifus. It says a lot that men prefer women who empower themselves in strength and character when it comes to anime.

Erza Scarlet is the best sword fighter and telekinesis/spatial magic expert in the entire series. She serves as a mage of the strongest guild in the world and is also the strongest member of her guild, earning the moniker “queen of fairies.”

Her character design is simple but elegant. She has long and straight scarlet hair, and she usually wears light armor. As for her personality, you better be scared for your life if you ever talk back or talk down to her. She’s critical, furious, and strict but also sharp and kind-hearted when it matters the most.

4. Android 18 (Dragon Ball Z)

Android 18

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Android 18 is the classical definition of beauty, and like others on this list, she’s also a beast. Don’t let her pale blue eyes, cute smile, and thick blond hair fool you. She can destroy a mountain within seconds with sheer brute strength.

Android 18 was created in a lab by Dr. Gero for his nefarious schemes. She may have looked pretty but was far from good. Together with her brother, she terrorized and destroyed countless cities, forcing Trunks to travel back in time to stop both of them while they were still in their cradle. They were both ridiculously strong.

However, when Trunks and the Z-warriors put a hamper on Android 18’s plans, she was free to choose her course. And thanks to Krillin, who took a shine to her for obvious reasons, instead of destroying the cities, she chose a different future. She softened up, settled down with Krillin who wished for her to be turned into a human, and even had a kid with him.

5. Kallen Stadtfeld (Code Geass)

Kallen Stadtfeld

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Kallen has the edgiest character design and the coolest hairstyle of all the waifus mentioned so far. But that’s not it — she also rivals them in badassery. Her hair is scarlet red with long parted bangs, and instead of being brushed down neatly, it’s left to stick out like spikes.

Kallen is a part-time school attendee and part-time revolution fighter for the Japanese liberation front. She isn’t some damsel in distress, although from time to time you do see her pushed to the edge, in tears, and begging Lelouch for help. But in all those cases it has never been unwarranted.

Not only is Kallen by far the most skilled nightmare operator (second probably only to Suzaku), she is also very clever and knows how to think on her feet. Her bravery and loyalty to her cause are truly admirable.

Some honorable mentions include Makise Kurisu (Steins; Gate), Toka Kirishima (Tokyo Ghoul), Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach), Asuuna Yuki (Sword Art Online), Historia Reiss (Attack On Titan), C2 (Code Geass), and Merlin (Fairy Tail).

Who Is the Most Powerful Waifu?

Now, that’s a million-dollar question. Because you have to remember, all of these female anime characters exist in very different universes, and some aren’t even human.

Mikasa and Kallen are no doubt powerful for regular humans, but they can’t compare to technologically modified beings or women with special powers or abilities.

That leaves us with Hinata, Android 18, and Erza.

In terms of destructive power, both Android 18 and Erza outmatch Hinata. Besides, since Hinata’s abilities are specifically for countering Chakra, which doesn’t exist in Android 18’s and Erza’s universes, you can also rule Hinata out.

Between Android 18 and Erza, Android 18 has superior strength, speed, and reflexes as he is from a universe where characters can destroy entire planets. However, if Erza manages to ensnare Android 18 into her magical traps or spatial abilities, she might give Android 18 a tough time.

It’s important to note though that while they both deal out a fair deal of destruction, Android 18’s body can withstand far greater destruction than Erza’s. So in a one-on-one fair match, Android 18 would probably win, making her the most powerful entry on this list.

A Few Parting Words

Anime waifus are girls you not only feel like you can trust and rely on, but also ones you want to spend most of your time with. After all, that is what a wife is. Someone to share your life with.

Remember, no shame in having a crush on an anime waifu. That’s exactly the effect they’re meant to have on you!