The Best Apps for Your Real Estate Business

And modern realities are such that the development of technology directly affects the commercial real estate industry: the emergence of software solutions completely rebuilds the classical methods of real estate management.

Thanks to the software, making money on commercial real estate has become easier and many times more profitable, while less effort is made to manage several objects, since everything is automated.

And if previously, to manage a commercial object, certain resources were needed to conduct the financial side, maintenance, marketing and control of the entire rental process, now with the help of software or an application, time-consuming and voluminous work can be minimized. 

The owner or manager of real estate himself using intelligent software can:

  • evaluate his tenants; 
  • generate invoices; 
  • create various reports; 
  • conduct his own promotion for the sale of rental space. 

Previously, this required a real estate agency or agent, whose services are more expensive when compared with the use of modern digital solutions. 

The use of digital solutions for the management of commercial real estate was also stimulated by the COVID pandemic, when it became necessary to minimize contact with people and transfer all business issues to virtual meetings and remote control.

Mobile applications for realtors help in work, for example, posting ads, building a customer base and much more, so we will consider free and shareware applications that it is desirable to use for a realtor.

Useful mobile apps for realtors

At the disposal of modern realtors today there are a lot of specialized applications that automate, simplify and speed up work. The most popular and useful among them must be recognized.

“Mobile realtor”

Completely free service available on both Android and iOS. Allows you to organize the accounting of agency real estate, viewing offers on the market. The application allows you to import data from the sites “AVITO” and “CIAN”, and when organizing accounting, it offers a lot of available parameters. Convenient assistant in everyday work.

“Talan Realtor”

Talan LLC is the creator of the software product exclusively for Android. To access the system, an indication of the user’s phone number is required when registering. You can use the service only in a few cities, for example, Khabarovsk, Perm, Ufa.

“Realtor’s Notebook”

Convenient “attachment” based on cloud technologies with impressive functionality. Allows you to automate advertising placement processes, set the logic for the Sales Funnel, keep a chronology of interactions with customers, analyze the work being done, and so on. The platform is supplied by the developer MeercoCRM. It is designed only for smartphones running Android.

1C: Realtor FREE

Developed by programmer Alexander Koluzakov, and created for Android 4.0 and higher. The program was created for use in Russia and the nearest CIS states, and it is completely free of charge.


The service provides maintenance of its own database and tracking of new products that appear on the market. The geography of coverage is limited to Blagoveshchensk, and the responsibility for filling with relevant information lies with the creators of the application. The seller of the product designed to interact with Android is the Realt-Soft company.


Completely free product that acts as an add-on to the main Freealtor platform. The application of the principles of decentralization provides for its filling by the users themselves. Participants generate real estate ads, establish interaction with each other, and have access to the list of colleagues represented on the site. The program is adapted for Android and is sold by its creator Kirill Kirgintsev. More info in

Sitebill Photo Manager

Allows you to upload photos to the created ads via your smartphone. Operation is guaranteed only if you have installed CMS Sitebill 2.9.0 and newer. The seller is a company of the same name. The program exists exclusively in the version for Android.