Arbitrage Betting: What You Need To Know

Arbitrage betting, or arbing as they call it, is a practice that happens a lot in the gambling scene. You might have or have not heard of the term before.

However, if you want to learn what is arbitrage betting, you are in the right spot. We will find out what arbitrage betting really is, how it works, and so much more. And by the end of it all, we sure do hope you have something you can apply in the real world. Now that is enough for the introductions. Let’s get things rolling.

Arbitrage Betting: What Is It?

Arbitrage betting, arbs betting, or sure wins is a method where you place bets in more than one online betting company. The goal is to cover all the possible outcomes of a sporting event and make a potential profit. With arb betting, you take advantage and exploit all the possible mathematical differences in the odds. An “arb” is what you call the margin you try to calculate.

Once you do things correctly, you will receive profit regardless of the results that pop up after an event.

Arbitrage Betting – Continued

There are currently two types of arbitrage betting. These are namely back betting and lay betting. Check them out.

  • Back Betting

Back betting is where you place a bet or wager on an event that is currently happening. 

  • Lay betting 

Lay betting is the opposite of back betting. Instead of betting on the current event, you bet on an outcome not happening in an event.

Legality Check: Is Arbitrage Betting Legal At All?

The answer is a solid yes. The betting practice is entirely legal. However, you have to be careful as it could get risky once you start setting bets out there. No law exists that bans or regulates arbitrage betting.

But an enormous number of bookmakers and betting companies take the business seriously. They do not take betters kindly. Keep in mind that you are playing a game where you opt to win something. Whereas the point of the endeavor is to make you lose.

Once you start winning, regardless if it is through fixed odd bets and exchange bets, eyes will begin pointing in your direction. If bookmakers and other organizations find out you are arbing, then yikes.

Some Tips For A Successful Arb Bet

We will not leave you in the dust. So here we have some tips you can practice once you start placing wagers.

  • Do not place large stakes. Placing a tall sum in any gambling endeavor will attract unwanted attention. You have to take things slow unless the event is a major one where huge piles of money are for the taking.
  • Never go with only one account. It is better that you practice arb betting with a multitude of accounts. Using more than one account for numerous bookmakers will give them a hard time to check if you are arbing or not.
  • You have the option to place your bets in a betting shop. Online betting is fast and efficient. However, going traditional and placing over-the-counter bets gives off a hint of anonymity. It is better to be safe than be sorry afterward.