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How To Know If Architecture Is Your True Calling

Choosing a major for university is the most strenuous decision you can make as a student. Many start questioning their choices and interests even after choosing one field. This is why you need to choose a major you will enjoy for a long time. 

If you choose a major you don’t feel connected with, you will quickly lose interest and it will become a burden to pursue it as a career. Read advanced articles about the subject and determine if it is the kind of subject that entices your imagination. 

Is a career in architecture or design the right path for you? Search for signs that suggest that you will be a successful architect before it’s too late. To start your career, you may want a professional degree such as Masters in Architecture. Here are a few things you may like if architecture is your true calling.

Technical Illustration Drawing

Drawing is the most vital part of becoming an architect. Although there is software to help you create a model for your building, you still need drawing skills to pass through an architecture school. Many artistic careers require relentless effort and financial support to get success. But architecture is the perfect job for an artist, which pays well like other jobs. 

Every artist has their art style. Some artists are good in one and not so good in others. Your art style has to be fit for architecture. Art Nouveau is the specific style of drawing characterized by architects’ drawings. 

You can improve your skills as an architect, so if you are not confident in your drawing, it’s not that big a deal. You can try to copy the artwork from architects’ sketchbooks or buildings to improve your hand. 

Like Mathematics 

The education of an architect is more than drawing buildings. You will study algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. These mathematical skills are crucial for an architect. If you despise maths and geometry, you may not succeed as an architect.

The laws of mathematics help an architect build a sustainable building. The ancient buildings that have passed the test of time had architects who thought about mathematical symmetry and stability. 

Fondness For Visiting New Sites

Architects must visit raw sites and travel to various locations where their work is needed. If you like to travel and have a strong imagination, you may enjoy being an architect. You should be able to imagine buildings and their parameters on the raw ground to make an exceptional building. 

Understand your client’s needs and perspective when visiting the site. An architect has to go where work takes them. You may work independently, with a team, or under a company. You may get someone to save you from site visits and get pictures to work with, or you may have to go yourself. 

Problem-Solving Skills

An architect may get assignments to redesign or adjust the design of the building. These assignments require high problem-solving skills. An architect has to solve the problems of their client with creative solutions. 

If you consider yourself a problem solver, you may be perfect for this job. You can improve and develop problem-solving skills with time and experience as well.

Creative Thinking

Being an architect is an utterly creative job. You have to create original designs and structures for buildings and places. You must have a drive for original designs if you want to become a top architect. 

Many famous architects such as Frank Gehry, Frank Lloyd Wright, Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid, Antoni Gaudí I Cornet, and Ieoh Ming Pei created an original style of architecture and have a creative signature in all their designs. 

If you think you are not a creative person, you may remain unsuccessful in architecture.

Passion For Learning

As an architect, you will learn throughout your career. New designs, knowledge, ways, and theories always keep on developing. Every artistic field has various styles and approaches. If you are unwilling to learn them, you may end up unsuccessful. 

The passion for learning in a field drives you towards success. All the people in their field feel like they know very little and have multiple questions about it. To succeed, you must have a curious mind ready to delve into information wherever you find it.

Like The Process Of Creation

Being an architect does not mean you will only stay in your office making drawings. Sometimes you will have to visit the project site to see the progress of your project. If a person is in love with the process of their job, they will have a better chance of becoming the best. 

It is not the end product that a professional loves; it is the process they cherish. If you enjoy spending time with your thoughts and creative drawings and visiting sites to watch your imagination come to life, you have a bright future in architecture.

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