Are Breitling Watches Worth Buying?

Are you intrigued by the mechanics of time-telling? Do you love to keep up with the luxury watch market? Then you can attest to the fact that learning about horology and following the trend in the industry is exciting and fun.

There are many different watch brands on the market today. This article will address the Breitling watch brand, its history, and its market value.

History of Breitling Watches

Breitling has a rich history and is one of the best watchmakers since 1884. The incredible craftsmanship has made Breitling watches part of the upper class of swiss watches with brands like Rolex, IWC, and Omega.

Not only is a Breitling watch beautiful, but it is also an excellent investment. Having been in the industry for over a century, Breitling led the way with innovation, producing the first independent chronograph push piece in 1915.

Breitling was found 20 years before Rolex. Hence, they became the supplier of major airlines like Boeing. Breitling professionally designed the watches for airlines to help with the accuracy of flight operations. They are highly esteemed and trusted sources of tools for drivers, aviation, divers, and lots more.

In 1957, the Superocean watch was made for divers, with style and functionality that matches sea activities. In 1962, another Breitling watch traveled to space on the wrist of Commander Scott Carpenter, who orbited the Earth three times.

Today, Breitling is run by George Kern, former IWC CEO who joined the company in 2017. He led a major rebrand, restructured most Breitling shops, and employed new ambassadors.

However, he kept to the brand’s history and divided Breitling products into three categories: land, water, and air. Popular Breitling watch models are the Chronomat, Navitimer, Premier heritage duograph, Superocean heritage, and Top time.

Breitling Watch Value

The luxury watch market is complex, volatile, and challenging to navigate. You will need assistance from experienced horology enthusiasts who understand the brand, trend, and things to look for when buying your next watch.

Here are a few factors that determine the value of Breitling watches.


The value of a Breitling watch may depend on the age, that is when it was made. Usually, the older the watch, the more it is valued.

Also, a watch may cost more if it is a limited edition. When there is a limited number of an edition, the watch appreciates with time, too. In other words, a limited edition means low supply and high demand. Therefore, you should keep your Breitling watch safe so that you can trade or sell it at a higher price at a later date.

Reference number

The number of watches issued by Breitling is high, and each has its own style, value, rarity, and design. However, there is a reference number for each watch.

This reference number consists of a letter and five digits, with old models identified by serial numbers. They provide information about the date of manufacture of the watch, the selling price, and the overall reputation of the market. Breitling watches that are found to have been worn by a celebrity receive more attention and value.

Preowned watches

New Breitling watches are worth buying; however, they can be expensive. Second-hand watches cost less than the retail price. Therefore, if new Breitling watches exceed your budget, you can purchase second-hand. They will allow you to own good Breitling watch models at a more affordable price.


In conclusion, it is necessary to acquire sufficient knowledge and not rush blindly into buying luxury watches. Overall, Breitling watches are excellent investments with rich history and exotic designs.