are netflix movies ruining cinema

Are Netflix Movies Ruining The Art Of Cinema?

What was previously thought of as cinema has either evolved after falling into new hands or has been compromised into a scheme for making money. Nevertheless, cinema presented itself artistically that it had lessons and catered to major life situations in the best way.

Some are for the critique that Netflix has taken advantage of its popular position as a giant in providing streaming services to manufacture money. It appears that the content Netflix produces falls short of what was originally cinema. They believe that Netflix just produces films rather than content that can be classified as cinema.

There are two sides of the coin for every topic, and some think that Netflix is the key to saving cinema. They think it provides the best platform for cinematic creations to reach fans. However, their original productions may not pass for cinemas, but it just shows how far Netflix gives a chance for producers to create content they think will be good for people.

The best cinemas in modern-day creation are some of the best movies on Netflix, but it is still puzzling what those against Netflix expect cinema to be like. As stated from feedback sources, they consider cinema artistic and see Netflix films as less of that.

Why Cinema is Considered Art

While art exists in many forms, such as music, theatre, literature or sculpture, cinema is also a form of art as it harmonizes art forms to tell a story. Movies harmonize every form of art in their creation and thus are a form of art. Cinemas allow filmmakers to design experiences creatively and present them in the end as movies.

Cinema is therefore considered an art because it harmonizes forms of art to complete itself and entertain and teach the audience. Some modern films that acclaimed to be cinemas are on the verge of being imaginations rather than experiences. Knowing what cinema is, it is not as hard as it was to identify a cinematic presentation to a normal modern-day film.

How has Netflix Ruined Cinema

Knowing what to claim as cinema, we can easily distinguish between normal films and artistic cinema creations. Netflix tries to produce categories falling in and out of the cinema line. There are, however, more claims as to how Netflix ruins cinema, and they have been mentioned below.

It goes without saying that the real experience of cinema is the cultural way of watching the film in a theatre in front of a big screen and telling tales to those who miss out on the theatre experience. Unfortunately, Netflix has disputed cinema on this aspect by encouraging people to watch the shows any time and from their comfort rather than go to the theatres.

Netflix has also compromised the artistic value of films, as the films it refers to as cinema do not portray the artistic value unique to cinemas. The stories and characters are repetitive across the movies or show released, and this only shows how much they lack originality for the films they refer to as originals.

Rather than focusing on value, they are after creating more content to feed the market of content-thirsty fans they have. Bagging 90,000 minutes of production in a year only showed that despite wanting to keep their viewers entertained, they are after the money that comes with a larger catalog.

Cinema releases shown on Netflix cannot compete with the vast original content Netflix has.

When they almost have the fringe of what cinema is like, they then cancel production without any solid reason. In most cases, shows are discontinued due to performance in the market or any other reason that fails to make sense. Cinematic shows such as ‘Anne with an E‘ and ‘One Day At A Time’ have been pulled off after performing well, and a clear reason is yet to be given.

With the original setting for cinemas not being backed by streaming giants, less artistic value in content, and mass creating shows for money, the art of cinema continues to take the blow. The primary things that comprise it are ruined as the streaming service operates to make profits rather than maintain the heritage.

How is Netflix Saving Cinema

Others refuse to agree that Netflix is destroying cinema and have solid reasons to believe so. How is it doing so? Firstly, Netflix provides a platform for films that may not have been performed in the cinema setting to perform outstandingly. For instance, films such as the fast and furious sequels wouldn’t have had such a following after the first few sequels.

Netflix then gives a chance to film producers or writers to produce their creative work of art by producing films from their artistic scripts. As a result, some Netflix films are popular with credit to producers or writers.


Cinema is artistic in the making and delivery, and it is sensible to keep it that way. However, incorporating or blending the mix between cinema may have mixed results on people. Therefore, this is a call for Netflix to standardize their content so that as much as they are looking to make profits, the artistic value of cinema doesn’t go down the drain.

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