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How To Make At-Home Manicure Efficient And Affordable

Nail art has become an integral part of the trend. A gorgeous manicure is like an accessory that not only makes your hands look delicate but also allows you to match yourself with more fashionable and stylish colors to enhance your overall look. Especially in the current epidemic, a home manicure is a must-have trend. That’s exactly the core of MelodySusie’s Slogan, to bring your beauty salon home.

Read below to find out how to DIY your nails at home, save on salon fees and book an appointment. Let’s get effective and affordable home manicures.

What Do You Need To Prepare?

As the saying goes, if you want to do good deeds, you must first sharpen your tools. The key to stunning nail art is not only steady and skilled hands but having the right tools and professional products. The following table lists everything you need to create the perfect nail salon, and manicurists rely on them to showcase their talents:

• Nail Clippers & Cuticle pusher
• Nail Drill & Nail Dust Collector
• Base Coat & Gel polish & Clear Top Coat
• Nail Brush
• Nail Lamp
• Hand/Nail Moisturizer

How To Process?

Step 1 – Nail Preparation

Clean your hands properly before manicuring and trim your nails to the desired length with nail clippers. Then soak in warm water to soften the area so that the roots can be gently pushed up with the cuticle pusher. This is the first step in doing manicures, and it is also the simplest and most basic work.

Step 2 – Create An Ideal Shape

Use the nail drills to sand away the dead skin around the nail and make it your desired shape, oval, square, rounded square, or any other type. In the face of dust generated by polishing nails, it can be solved with a simple nail dust collector. This step is also critical for shaping the overall style of nail art.

Step 3 – Lay The Foundation

Apply a thin layer of base coat on the surface of the nails. It can not only help improve the color of the subsequent manicure but also prevent the natural oil of the nails from causing the gel polish to peel off prematurely. And keep the luster of the nail art look more delicate and advanced. This layer of primer can also better enhance the hardness and toughness of our nails and better protect the nails.

Step 4 – Show Your Creativity

After we finish the base coat drying with the nail lamp, we can apply our favorite gel polish color. We’d suggested choosing to apply it in layers and let each layer dry with a nail lamp between coats, which can make the nails glossier and more exquisite. If you want to challenge complex styles, you can create patterns on the nails with a nail brush, and add rhinestones, glitter, and decals for decoration.

Step 5 – Complete The Masterpiece

After the last coat of gel polish is completely dry, check for and clean up any mistakes, then apply a clear topcoat to give the nails a better look and provide some protection. Such awesome nails are done, isn’t it quite simple? Don’t forget to apply moisturizer to keep your hands and nail area healthy.

What Should Be Noticed?

1. Remember To Polish The Nail Surface

Reduce rough nails and ensure an even surface to ensure your beloved gel polish will present its best performance.

2. Use Appropriate RPM

If you are a nail enthusiast who has recently started DIY and is not familiar with the use of nail drills, it is recommended that you start with a safe minimum rotation speed to avoid damaging or cracking the surface of your natural nails.

3. Choose A Quality Gel Polish

Using inferior nail products can damage the structure of your natural nails and cause them to delaminate, chip or break. Therefore, focus on quality gel polish and don’t put your nails at risk.

4. Base Coat And Top Coat Cannot Be Omitted

Base coat and top coat are two essential nail products. The base coat can isolate the gel polish from the nail surface, providing a proper foundation for the creation of the nails as well as excellent protection. And the top coat prevents scratches on the nail surface, providing your nail art with longer durability.

5. Divide Gel Polish Into Layers With A Small Amount And Many Times

Don’t be too rushed. Thin and even layering is the key to exquisite nail art, and one thick coat of polish will make it difficult to dry. The finer the operation, the better the final nail design will be.


DIY manicures can be an ideal pastime, both for beauty and to pass the time. As long as you choose the right manicure products, completing any nail art at home can be said to be a breeze, act now and enjoy the charm and joy of manicure!

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