12 Benefits Australian Online Casino Loyalty Program Offers

Loyalty Programs, or VIP Programs, used to be the one way that brick-and-mortar casinos were able to keep up with their online competition. If you were a high enough roller in a big casino, these casinos’ rewards or “comps” could be pretty impressive: you could spend a weekend at a plush hotel with nothing but your casino bankroll!

Nowadays, all of Australia’s best online casinos have implemented some form of this tactic—this means that brick-and-mortar casinos are finding it harder to compete with their virtual counterparts.

Understanding the benefits of casino loyalty programs and how they work will allow you to get the most value out of them. We highlight 12 of the most enticing perks you get as a VIP player at an Australian online casino below:

1. Improved comp point conversion rates

Online casino loyalty programs generally work this way: as a player makes real money bets on games, they earn comp points or CPs. The rate with which you earn CPs varies from casino to casino, but many online casinos have a common multiplier for all CPs. Some casinos also limit the games where you can earn CPs. If your goal is to rack up the most CPs, the safest bet would be to play just the slots, which are generally the surest earners for comp points.

CPs can also be converted into cash. Some casinos convert them to bonus cash, which comes with a wagering requirement, while others convert them to straight cash you can withdraw right away.
VIP players generally get a better deal. Say, a casino allows you to convert 100 CPs to $1 in cash. As a VIP, you can expect to earn bonus cash using fewer CPs.

2. Priority customer support

If you are one of the top rollers at an online casino, you will be given special access privileges to customer support. This will allow you to skip the line and get all your questions answered by a representative much faster.

3. Higher deposit limits

All casinos have a limit on how much money you can deposit into your account, but that limit might not apply if you are a VIP player. Even if the casino sets an overall limit, there is usually a higher limit reserved for VIPs. If you enjoy betting big to win big, VIP status is something you will have to aim for.

4. Free spin packages

A casino will often offer a free spin package as a way of welcoming you to its VIP Club. More free spins mean more chances to win big, increasing your chances of progressing to further VIP levels!

5. Higher bet limits

Most casinos have maximum limits on what you can bet in a single game. As a player climbs the ranks, their bets become worth more and more, so they can place larger bets without going over the limit.

As a lower-tier member, for instance, you might be able to bet up to $5 per hand at Blackjack. But as a VIP, you can bet much, much higher—at a high enough status, you’ll pretty much be able to bet any amount you want—provided the casino can handle your action, of course.

6. Higher withdrawal limits

Limitless withdrawals sound like a good thing, and it is. However, in the world of online gambling, they aren’t all that common—most online casinos put a modest cap on how much you can take out of your account each month.

As a VIP player at an Australian casino, you can also expect to get bigger and better withdrawal terms for your account.

7. A casino concierge

An online casino will usually assign you a personal concierge who can help you get whatever you need—within reason. This perk is typically reserved only for the highest of rollers, so if you want to take advantage of it, you had better act the part by betting big and often.

8. Exclusive VIP-only games

Many online casinos offer exclusive games for VIP players. These games are often very different from the regular games offered and can only be accessed by players who reach a certain status.

9. Bonus offers tailored specifically to you

Casinos usually have special bonus offers that are designed according to VIP players’ gaming habits. If you are known to enjoy table games, you can expect more bonus offers for Blackjack or poker. If you prefer slots, the casino will try to give you bonuses geared toward slots.

10. VIP Tournaments

Many online casinos offer special tournaments exclusively for VIP players. If you are a high roller, these tournaments are the way to go if you want to show the other high-rollers who’s boss.

11. Special draws or raffles

Many casinos also offer exclusive VIP draws and raffles. The prizes offered here are much better than the regular draws and raffles.

12. Birthday gifts

Many online casinos give you a special birthday bonus as a way of saying thanks for your continued support. They could also offer promotions such as free credit or cashback on your birthday as another way to say thanks for playing at the casino.