Australia’s Covid Crisis: But Not The One You Think!

You know, back in December, I made a certain prediction. I was very optimistic, you see. I made the prediction that the pandemic was almost over. I think I had good reason to be. After all, the Vaccine had been released. Several of them, actually. The odds at SlotoCash Casino had never seemed better. So I was looking up! To use a literary term, I had thought we had arrived at the “falling action” of the pandemic, having passed the climax.

Boy, was I wrong.

Nine months from the prediction, and where are we? Lockdowns are still implemented in many places across the world. Many schools still haven’t opened up. Masks are still mandated nearly everywhere. It’s a mess of constitutional and personal infringements on everyone’s human rights.

There were some hilarious adverts I saw the other day that attempted to demonize Governor Ron Desantis of Florida by playing scary music over a clip of the governor telling his citizens that he will not be turning Florida into a biomedical police state. As if that makes him look bad.

Because it’s not a stretch to see how totalitarian the government can become during a crisis. Within the United States, the idea that the government could lock the entire populace down was unfathomable. Now, that’s just part and parcel of living in certain states.

Even outside the United States, in countries like Israel, which has one of the highest vaccination rates globally, citizens are still required to present proof of vaccination in order to go to school, they are required to wear masks on public transit, and the government is allowed to use Contact Tracing to identify everyone you may have interacted with… Israel is still experiencing a third spike of Covid anyway.

And despite all my complaints about the majority of the western world, whether it be the United States for going bananas, or England for their Tik Tok nurses or Canada for being, well, Canada… there is one supposedly first-world country that outstrips the rest in terms of covid totalitarianism. I spoiled it already in the title, so I don’t know why I’m bothering to bury the lead.

It’s Australia. Australia has gone completely insane.

Livin’ Down Undah… a Covid Whip

“The Slippery Slope” argument is often sneered at in academic circles for being short-sited and is often cited as a “Fallacy”. Well, in my opinion, if the last five years have proven anything, it’s that the heads of academics are stuffed with bologna.

2021 Australia is the perfect example of what happens when government has far too much power over its citizens, without the guarantee to protect their citizens’ rights (such as with a Constitution). Let’s go over some of the most abhorrent things the Australian government has done in the last few months in the name of fighting Covid.

Let’s start with some of the insane restrictions that have been implemented. In Australia (Sydney, specifically), here are some examples:

• Only one person may leave the home to buy food.
• Browsing in a Store is forbidden.
• Must Register to travel outside of Sydney.
• Work from home whenever possible.
• Wear a mask AT ALL TIMES.
• Must exercise within 5 kilometers of your home.
• There is a five-person limit on outdoor activities for the VACCINATED.
• There is a TWO person limit on such activities for the unvaccinated (If you want to have a barbeque with your kids, you’re out of luck, I guess).
• You cannot share cars with people you don’t live with except for specific reasons, like an emergency.
• Cannot have visitors to home unless for specific reasons like child care or an emergency.
• If you live alone, you’re permitted one “nominated visitor” who can visit you in your home.
• Must carry proof of name and address if you have left your home and present it to police.
• Must have proof of vaccination and show it to police.

This is a list of things I would expect the government of China to implement. I’m not exaggerating when I emphasize just how totalitarian these policies are. If you live alone, you’re allowed ONE nominated visitor?! You can’t give a ride to a friend?!

The government should not have the power to restrict such things- like, who the hell thought it was a good idea that the government can order its citizenry not to browse in a shop? Or that only one person can go buy food?! Give the government such power, and it absolutely will abuse it… and it already has.

Let’s look at some of the other dystopian actions the Australian government has taken because those restrictions above are merely rules on paper. What else has the government actually done?

Well, here’s some George Orwell nightmare fuel:

Helicopters fly over the suburbs, ordering citizens to obey Covid restrictions.

Police and military roam the streets, literally attacking people if they don’t wear a mask- even if they are medically exempt! (There’s loads of video evidence of such beatings).

The police even have a special hotline for ratting out anyone who might be violating the quarantine- and are actively encouraging such snitching. You wouldn’t want to be able to trust your neighbors, now would you?

In 2020, Australia passed a Surveillance Bill that allows the government to access private online data of its citizens without a warrant or even an investigation into an alleged crime.

At the same time, officials from the Australian government make statements chastising the population for daring to do such dangerous activities as… going outside for fresh air… enjoying sunsets… getting a drink…

Meanwhile, they are rapidly building “Quarantine Facilities”, such as the “Queensland Regional Quarantine Facility”. It’s a field of trailer parks, where people are required to stay, and they have food brought to them if they’re under quarantine. There’s security, on-site testing, and breadlines.

And if ALL THAT wasn’t bad enough to show how insane, perhaps even evil (and I don’t use that word lightly), these policies are, then what if I told you that a regional government in Australia killed / murdered a bunch of dogs in the name of Covid safety?

No, I’m not being hyperbolic. No, I’m not joking. I wish I was.

The Regional New South Wales Council was worried that a group of volunteers were violating Covid lockdowns and curfews in order to take care of Dogs and Puppies in the local shelter. What was their solution to this predicament? Send in the guns, and shoot all of the dogs!

Sometimes I wonder how certain people can live with themselves. It’s one thing to be so deluded as to not see the harm one is doing in their attempt to “help”. It’s another to start murdering puppies. Do these people ever pause and ask themselves, “Are we the baddies?”

The Root Problem

This is what happens when power is granted without any form of accountability. It seems to me that the greatest problem in modern society is the lack of accountability for one’s actions. Everything the Left and the Government seems to do is about removing accountability and responsibility.

Got pregnant without meaning to? Just abort it! Made bad financial decisions? Everyone else will pay for it! Don’t like working? Tax the rich to pay for your expenses! Are you ugly and fat? Everyone else is the problem! The government is throwing chain after chain onto the populace and welding them inside of cages? How dare you not comply, don’t you care about your Grandma?!

You cannot give the government an inch when it comes to your personal freedoms. This is why the Constitution is so important in the United States. It is a unique document that nowhere else in the world possesses. The rights herein cannot be infringed. The government does not grant rights. It recognizes them. Anything the government gives, it can take away.

Even Free Speech is not a right shared with the rest of the world. Australia doesn’t have it. England doesn’t have it. Canada doesn’t have it. Oh, they all claim to have it, but then they’ll throw it out to prevent “hate speech” or “misinformation”. In England, “hate crime cars” travel around London hunting for people who have made Tweets that the government doesn’t like. Australia has internet police too. If you post something the government doesn’t like, you’ll get a visit from the police.

This is why the Constitution and the Bill of rights matter. This is why we cannot allow “hate speech” laws to become president. This is why we need the second amendment, to protect the rest. Australia had a mandatory buyback for all firearms back in 1996- if you didn’t turn in your guns, the government would send men with guns to come to take them away. Did it help with the gun crime? Nope. It was a complete failure in its purpose and only served to disarm the law-abiding public.

This is a problem far more extensive than Covid. It’s a problem of liberty. A problem of civility and accountability. It’s a problem that will have to be solved by fighting tooth and nail for what’s right and not giving an inch, lest they take a mile.

The problem is, they’ve already got a headstart. In the name of Covid, they do all these things, and does it help? Nope. Out of the three hundred and seventy-five people hospitalized for covid in Australia, 78% were vaccinated, and 17% were partially vaccinated. That’s higher than the general population!

All these lockdown measures, all these violations of basic human rights and dignities, what are they accomplishing. I’ll tell you what they’re accomplishing. A big fat load of nothing, except oppressing the people “for their own safety”.

No villain believes himself to be evil.