10 Tips To Awaken The Goddess In a Woman In Bed

How to satisfy a woman in bed? This question is asked by every man who is not indifferent to the well-being of his lover or partner. How to make your sex life flourish and become the perfect lover who understands women’s erotic needs and desires?

1. Don’t underestimate the brain

The brain plays a very important role in quality lovemaking for women. It’s what decides whether a woman relaxes and tunes into the emotional-sexual plane.

If a woman is thinking about whether the kids have finished their homework or whether you really like her (and it’s not just about sex) when you make love, there probably won’t be any ecstatic connection and climax.

Make it clear to your wife that you desire her and only want to be with her. If you notice that she is absent in spirit in bed, stop and gently remind her where her attention is needed. For example, a short gentle breast massage and nipple teasing works great for this.

2. Boost her self-esteem

Most women feel insecure when it comes to undressing in front of a man. The dictates of the fashion business have put extremely thin, plastic- and photoshopped women on the pedestal of feminine beauty, and you don’t just see them in bed.

Every woman perceives some flaws in her body and your job is to distract her from them. You don’t want her to think about what her breasts, tummy or butt look like in a particular position while you’re trying to please her.

The solution is simple. Hug her, caress her and whisper in her ear how much she turns you on. Compliment her breasts, soft skin, hair, full lips or scent. Realize that a confident woman who feels that her partner likes her is much bolder and more relaxed in sex. Nurture her, pamper her and make her feel special.

3. Experiment with sex toys

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get your partner some erotic toys. For starters, a clitoral vibrator or a vibrator in a sleek design will work well. Escalate her desire to the point where the only thing she’ll want is your closest proximity and most intimate connection.

If you’re already experienced in using gadgets, look for the latest erotic toys from the world of real dolls or BDSM that can bring a whole new vibe and refreshment to your intimate life.

In these cases, be extremely gentle and open about your feelings and desires.

You will see that intimate communication will enrich not only your lovemaking but also other levels of your relationship.

4. Give her foreplay

Some men find foreplay a completely unnecessary thing. But if you want to get the most out of sex with a woman, you can’t do without foreplay. We’re not talking about a quickie standing up, but real love-making that will make your woman go crazy with bliss and melt into a universe of pleasure.

Women need to be built up, turned on and aroused. Cuddling, caressing, teasing and massaging works well for them. Don’t be afraid to add erotic communication, humour or aphrodisiac treats to the love foreplay.

5. Ask what she likes

Be interested in what a woman likes, what she likes, what turns her on, what her secret desires are. Her sexual fantasies will help you reach your desired goal. Suggest that she show you how and what she specifically likes. Be open and receptive.

Try stroking, kissing and teasing her in places you normally neglect and watch her reactions. Many women have erogenous zones, for example on their necks, ears, knee sockets, toes. Make a good note of where her most sensitive spots are and use them without fail for future reference.

6. Be patient and take your time

Women perceive sex differently from men. For them, it’s more about intimacy, closeness and touching, which men are usually not too keen on. If you take your time and explore every inch of her body slowly (and pretend to enjoy it and get turned on), she’ll be over the moon and will do anything you want in return.

Let your partner set the pace. Pretend that your climax is the last thing you’re interested in right now. You don’t want her to fake an orgasm just for your quick gratification.

7. Try new things and talk together

Routine and mundanity is a killer of arousal and desire. So get a good bottle of wine and raise the question of what you could do to make sex more pleasurable for her. How about a new sex toy or a role reversal?

Next time, try coming up with an offer of erotic intimacy in an unusual place (how about a lover’s retreat?), suggest trying a new sex position, or unconventional three-way sex without infidelity at an establishment with realistic dolls.

8. The holy trinity of eroticism

• Treat your wife to a fair portion of kisses and hugs. It will open up not only her body but also her soul. For her, kissing is associated with love and desire. So make her feel like you can’t tear yourself away from her lips.

• Spend a lot of time on her breasts. Caress them and give special care to the nipples. It’s one of the most powerful erogenous zones on a woman’s body and there are some that reach orgasm only through its stimulation.

• When you feel your partner getting hot, shift your attention to her lap. Take your time and get a good taste of her vagina with all its hidden treasures.

9. It pays to train stamina

The cardinal rule of true erotic satisfaction for your partner is that her orgasm comes first – so start training for real stamina.

Over time, you’ll surely work up to being able to bring her to climax in a matter of minutes, or match the timing so that you both climb the mountain of pleasure at the same time.

If she reaches the perfect orgasm with you, she’ll never again refuse suggestions for erotic play (let alone look for another man).

10. It doesn’t end with an orgasm

Forget about turning over on your side and falling asleep after sex. You have to finish this game. Snuggle up to your partner. Stroke and kiss her. Whisper to her how beautiful it was and how much you enjoyed it.

Tell her how much it turns you on to make her feel good. Awaken her confidence, her love, the feeling that she is your Goddess. The rewards that await you in return are worth a little of that effort.