back to the childhood birthday party

Awesome “Back to The Childhood” Birthday Party Ideas

What do you associate your childhood with? That’s a carefree and happy time, full of discoveries and unforgettable bright emotions. A mischievous “back to the childhood party” will bring guests to the world of the sweetest candy and endless adventures! Here are some ideas for your party.

Disney Party

A Disney-themed birthday party can be the perfect way to turn back time, allowing adults of all ages to relive their childhoods. Decorations are an integral part of any birthday party as they form the backbone of the theme. From balloons to streamers to centerpieces and tablecloths, decorations come in all shapes, colors, and sizes to help add life to the party with just one glance.

Make the theme of your party come alive with Floatie King’s customized inflatables that can be custom-shaped into your favorite Disney character: from Mickey Mouse to Moana, choose any Disney character you want, and have an inflated version in whatever size fits perfectly.

Your guests will feel like they are living inside a fairytale as they take fun photos alongside their favorite characters! Aside from eye-catching decoration, great music for dancing and a deliciously themed cake definitely won’t go amiss! Ultimately, with just the right blend of decorating fun, an amazing cake, and awesome music, you can throw a birthday party that your guests never forget – have fun!

Bubble Party

Organize fun games with soap bubbles. For example, one of the guests blows a lot of bubbles, and the others chase them and do not let a single bubble touch the floor. You can have a few competitions, like who blows the biggest bubble or gets through the obstacle course faster by blowing on the bubble and not letting it fall.

Don’t forget to prepare festive decorations. Stock up on colorful helium balloons and a pump to inflate as many balloons as possible. Once you buy balloons at, you can prepare balloons for photo booths, arches, fountains, or simply let the brightly colored balloons go under the ceiling.

Pajama Party

For the party atmosphere to be bright and memorable, you need to think of all the details. The primary thing is the dress code, so ensure that all guests know exactly what they should come in.

Moreover, you may pick up a party symbol, which will set the holiday’s extra themes. These can be cute and sleepy animals, often depicted in pajamas, like a hedgehog, a llama, or a bear cub. Or you can choose fairy tale characters: Alice, Peter Pan, or any dream keeper. It all depends on your preferences.

Lego Party

Lego isn’t just a famous constructor. It’s rich and lush colors. Thus, make your celebration as bright as possible. Provide a dress code for all guests: no white, black, and gray tones in clothing—only red, yellow, green, and other rainbow colors. You can come up with themed contests for lego-party.

For example, divide guests into teams and put the construction set in big bowls. Offer your friends to move the pieces with a regular spoon during a certain period of time. The winner will be the one who’s more successful with the task.

Face Art Party

Do you want to organize a real festival of transformations for yourself and your guests? Invite a face art artist. This professional will help each guest turn into a cute tiger cub, a good fairy, or a character from a favorite cartoon in a few minutes. When the makeup is ready, hold a small competition between the teams, arrange a fiery dance, and then move on to the holiday table.

LOL Dolls Party (Girls Only)

Plastic toys made of round surprise balls with big, touching eyes have overshadowed Barbies. If you’re going to throw a LOL party, keep in mind that the venue decorations and guest outfits should be in blue, pink, or gold as LOL Surprise dolls come in these shades.

Make a garland of balloons with dolls images to decorate the photo area. Ask your friends to prepare puffy tutu skirts and stylish wigs, like the dolls, to get incredible themed photos.

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